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Human-centered lighting for better healthcare experiences.

Planning healthcare spaces means blending the art and science of design, balancing aesthetic and sensory needs, while dealing with tightening budgets and staying compliant with healthcare and building codes.

Today's healthcare facilities need to satisfy both patients and the bottom line and unlock trans-formative loT capabilities and insights that prepare them to navigate complex challenges with confidence - both today and tomorrow.

Complex Problems with Simple Solutions

In healthcare, lighting plays an outsized role in patient satisfaction, staff productivity, and overall occupant wellbeing. Combined with loT solutions that solve other facility challenges, from security to infection control and process improvement, our thoughtful connected lighting solutions promote smarter, "healthier" medical facilities (in every sense).


When it comes to creating welcoming environments from the parking lot to the surgical suite, lighting is the single most important design factor.

Learn more about:
-Color tuning with VividTune
-Healthcare Lighting with Fail-Safe and ArcMed
-Augmented Reality with Light ARchitect


From UV-C sanitation to environmental monitoring, contact tracing, and hand hygiene, discover new ways to protect patients and occupants.

Learn more about:
-UV-C Sanitation with Fail-Safe
-App for geofencing with Trellix Locate
-Connected Systems with WaveLinx


Smart lighting systems can springboard countless improvements to healthcare processes and workflows.

Learn more about:
-IoT Platform with Trellix
-Special application with Fail-Safe
-App for RTLS with Trellix Locate


Healthcare Spaces

Healthcare Facilities have a wide variety of spaces with unique requirements. Choosing the right products for each of these healthcare lighting applications is critical for maximizing efficiency as well as patient satisfaction.

Patient Room

Recommended Products:
MAE  |  MNAE  |  LDS4B  |  HU30

Waiting Room - General / Children's

Recommended Products:
LAM4B  |  LDA3B  |  LDS4B

Nurses Station & Hallway

Recommended Products:
Cruze ST  |  HU30  |  Perceive

Lobby / Atrium

Recommended Products:
LER4B  |  LDSQ4B  |  HC6

Behavioral Health

Recommended Products:
ENV  |  FCZ  |  FSN

Outdoor Spaces

Recommended Products:
GALN  |  CCW  |  ARB  | TopTier

Exit & Emergency

Recommended Products:
CX  |  EUX  |  SELA

Exam / Procedure

Recommended Products:
FCZ  |  FSN  | FSP


Recommended Products:

Operating Room

Recommended Products:

Lab / Clean Room

Recommended Products:
CLM  |  CLP  |  FSP


Recommended Products:
Perceive  |  InDepth

What's New in Healthcare

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Products by Brand

Choosing the right product can be tricky, but we're here to help. Select from one of our brands offering healthcare lighting solutions.

Luminaire Brands

Connected Lighting Brands


IoT platform providing actional insights from aggregated data to improve operational efficiency


Cost-effective wireless lighting control solution simplifying code compliance and commissioning


Lighting control sensors, panels and switches designed to save energy and meet code compliances

Popular Healthcare Product Categories

Why Cooper?

For more than 50 years, Cooper Lighting Solutions has helped healthcare facilities unlock the power of lighting to improve wellbeing and sustainability while solving complex business problems. 

We offer tailored healthcare and hospital lighting solutions that balance application requirements with aesthetics. The result? Spaces that are both hospitable and functional—from the parking lot to the patient suite with our luminaire leading brands such as Metalux and Fail-Safe. Also with luminaire integrated sensors and our WaveLinx system and Trellix platform, our solutions can provide valuable data, insights, and a foundation.