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Innovative Lighting for Complex Environments

Today’s cleanrooms and laboratories require sterile environments to minimize cross-contamination. Lighting and controls can help achieve these types of environments by offering solutions that meet the most demanding requirements and provide our customers the assurances they need through industry certifications.

Complex Problems with Solutions You Can Rely On

Cleanroom Ratings

ISO standard ratings (1-9) are used to identify products suitable for those cleanroom rated conditions. FED-STD-209E has been replaced by ISO 14644-1 but is still referenced in some specifications. For both systems, lower numbers correspond to stricter cleanroom ratings.

NSF Ratings

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) provides certified products for use in commercial food processing applications. NSF rating can serve as a good indicator of the ability to easily clean/wipe down products.

Hosedown Ratings

IP 65 is low pressure hose down. IP 66 is high pressure hose down. The first digit signifies dust ingress protection rating (1-6) and the second digit represents liquid ingress protection (1-6 for hose down). In both cases, the higher the number, the better the seal on the fixture.

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Narrow Spectrum Illumination

Red light is used in vivarium (enclosed structure for animal observation or research) applications. Green light is used in operating rooms. Amber and Yellow are used in various industrial processes.


Cleanroom / Lab Spaces

Below are a few products we recommend for each application within this market.


Recommended Products:
FSN  |  FCZ Troffer  |  ENC Troffer


Recommended Products:
CLM Troffer  |  CLP Troffer  |  FSP Troffer

Conference Room

Recommended Products:
LD4B  |  Shaper Sense Drum  |  Define Suspended  |  CoviO  |  LA1M  |  Discreet

Lobby / Atrium

Recommended Products:
LER4B Cylinder  |  LDSQ4B Downlight  |  HC6 6" Downlight


Recommended Products:
Perceive Troffer  |  InDepth Troffer  |  Shaper 1800

Walkways / Building Exterior

Recommended Products:
GWC  |  ClearCurve  |  Shaper 674   |  BRT6  |  Arbor Bollard 

Parking Garage / Lot

Recommended Products:
TopTier  |  Galleon II  |  Prevail Discrete  |  Prevail

Accent & Landscape

Recommended Products:
LuxeScape Series  |  Lanterra Series  |  Tracer  |  Eon Series  |  Arbor Post Top

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What's New in Cleanroom / Lab Lighting

InDepth ArcMED sealed recessed troffer

New Product Release: Fail-Safe ArcMed Sealed InDepth (AID)

The Fail-Safe ArcMed Sealed InDepth (AID) is a modular platform with regressed lens options that enable glare control, ceiling topography, design flexibility, and versatility, and can be scaled to meet the diverse needs of our customer base. It also offers protection from dust, debris, and water ingress as well as impact resistance lensing and easy cleaning. ArcMed is a brand of high-performance luminaires with architectural aesthetics perfectly suited for healthcare environments.


Products by Brand

Choosing the right product can be tricky, but we're here to help. Select from one of our brands offering cleanroom and lab lighting solutions.

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