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Provide the Power of Preference with Color Tuning

From warm first impressions to stimulating workplace rays, there's a right light for every space. CLS's VividTune color tuning solutions puts the fine-tuning of light at your fingertips.

Office meeting space with modern, tunable white lighting

Tunable White Solution

Work spaces thrive in the right lighting environment. VividTune's tunable white solution allows you to adjust the color temperature of light from warm white to cool white, creating an environment that fosters productivity and concentration.

Restaurant with dim lighting controlled by dim-to-warm technology

D2W™ Dim-to-Warm Solution

Bring the warm, dim glow reminiscent of traditional incandescent and halogen sources into your space, for a fraction of the energy consumption, with our Dim-to-Warm solution.

Tunable White

Lighting has a very real effect on mood and alertness. This is particularly important in education, healthcare, office and retail environments, where lighting can sway overall performance.

VividTune's tunable white solutions are expertly designed with these needs in mind, letting you easily adjust the color temperature of the light and its intensity.

Adjust Color and Light Intensity

The preferred color temperature at the ideal lighting level.

Adjust lighting by warm or cool options.

Tunable White Solutions


Achieve the right color temperature and intensity in your healthcare facility by balancing circadian rhythms as well provide the best lighting during critical moments.


Perfect your store environment with tunable white solutions - allowing flexibility to showcase changing merchandise in the best light. Tunable white solutions can help keep employees effective and shoppers feeling welcome.


Lighting can be a useful tool to keep students alert between morning and afternoon bells. Bright light during the day helps with focus, while warm light helps relax and stimulate creativity later in the day.


Ward off the afternoon lull and boost productivity, with VividTune's tunable white solutions. Studies have shown that bright white light can improve concentration and wakefulness during the day.

Control Solutions for Tunable White

WaveLinx Wireless Diagram

WaveLinx Wireless Solution

Simple, secure, and a complete solution, WaveLinx Wireless not only meets code requirements, but also reduces time and materials, all with an enterprise Trellix front end (optional).
• Wirelessly independent CCT and dimming controls
• Configurable via mobile application
• Control a single fixture, room, floor or building

WaveLinx Wired Diagram

WaveLinx Wired Solution

WaveLinx Wired is an ideal solution for customer's traditional wired application requirements. Supporting energy management, architainment, and DLX lighting with an enterprise Trellix front end (optional).
• Individually configurable CCT and dimming
• Software programmable
• Wide range of user control options

WaveLinx Wireless Diagram

Wall Control Solution

CLS's tunable white control solutions feature familiar 0-10V controls, which make it possible to offer simplified color temperature tuning and intensity control with a proven lighting system.
• Independent CCT and dimming controls
• Full CCT range from cool, neutral to warm
• Works with any 0-10V dimming control (slider or occupancy sensor dimmer)

WaveLinx Wired Diagram

Room Controller Solution

Simplify room based lighting control and tunable white with the Room Controller that simplifies installation, reduces costs and training.
• Independent daylight zones and CCT zones
• Plug and play controls
• Low cost energy code compliance

Tunable White Lighting Fixtures

Choose from a range of industry-leading luminaires and familiar control options,
each offering high-quality color temperature tuning and intensity control.

Portfolio recessed lighting with tunable white lighting


Corelite and Neo-Ray linear lights with tunable white lighting

Corelite / Neo-Ray

Metalux linear troffer lights with tunable white lighting



Add a rich, relaxing glow to your environment. VividTune dim-to-warm technology recreates the relaxing effect of traditional incandescent or halogen lighting, with the energy-saving benefits of LED.

Dim-to-Warm Solutions


Create the perfect setting for patrons to relax and unwind. Warmer, candle-like color temperatures and dimmed intensity each have that tie-loosening effect that help engage the customer happily.

Hotel Rooms

Warm-colored lighting has that cozier feel that evokes the warmth of home. Guests will settle in with ease under the familiar, warm glow of dim-to-warm LED lighting, letting them enjoy their environment to the fullest.


Dress up your space and accentuate its best features with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting that can be customized. Create the look and feel that align with your brand promise and cater to your unique customers.


Your home is your haven: dim-to-warm tuning takes home environments to the next level, giving occupants the flexibility to set the mood.

Dim-to-Warm Lighting Fixtures

These LED light fixtures smoothly and automatically transition from their highest color temperature (3000K) to lowest (1850K) as you dim the light output.

Portfolio recessed lighting with dim-to-warm selection


Shaper architectural lighting with dim-to-warm selection


HALO downlighting with dim-to-warm selection


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Live, work and learn in your preferred light environment with VividTune™ color tuning solutions.