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sports lighting augmented reality

New Sports Photometrics Feature

Generate custom sports lighting designs instantly with our customizable templates, now offered for baseball, softball, football, soccer, and tennis. Enjoy accurate designs for free.

Dream. Experiment. Plan.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of lighting design with Light ARchitect, a lighting simulation app that makes lighting design as mobile as you are. It’s free and available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices as well as your computer via web browsers.

Virtual lighting design app for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Visualize your design through augmented reality

Learn how to use the Light ARchitect App to virtually place light fixtures directly in your space.

Web Browser View

Create instant lighting layouts in minutes. The new web browser version of our Light ARchitect App is free to use and available via Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Mobile Satellite View

Perform real-time layouts on the spot. Google Maps makes it easy to identify an exact location. Choose outdoor lighting fixtures and place them right where you want them. Send layouts to clients and colleagues. And do it all in just minutes.

Mobile Space View

Choose from state-of-the-art lighting fixtures. Place them. Adjust the finish, lumen output, mounting height, etc. Virtually turn on lights to see the full effect. Don’t forget to take screenshots to share with clients and colleagues.

In any space

No need to worry. Regardless of space, setting, or environment, you’ll be able to visualize the lighting fixtures you choose, right where you want them, with our lighting simulation app.

Don't take our word for it

Watch these testimonials to see how Light ARchitect has changed our customers' way of working.

Tools and resources

Case Study

Light ARchitect App Illuminates Headland and Abbeville, AL

Revitalize hometowns with tailored lighting solutions! Explore how Light ARchitect transforms trails in Headland, AL, and Abbeville, AL, overcoming design challenges on a budget. Illuminate your community with precision and style.

Case Study

Light ARchitect Transforms Jim 'N Nick's Lighting

Learn how Cooper Lighting Solutions helps Jim 'N Nicks light their new space using the Light ARchitect App.

Case Study

Free Lighting Design App from Cooper Lighting

Read how Light ARchitect makes it quick and easy to try several lighting configurations and fixtures to come up with the best solution in just an hour.

Case Study

The Light ARchitect App Simplifies Product Sales

Read about the free Light ARchitect App from Cooper Lighting Solutions that facilitates product selection, makes lighting design easier, and creates photometrics in minutes.

Case Study

How to Turn a One-Light Upgrade into a 15-Light Sale

The Light ARchitect App from Cooper Lighting Solutions lets you create photometrics with speed and ease right on your mobile device. It’s a proven sales tool, too.

Case Study

Light ARchitect Closes Another Lighting Sale

Reps, easily create photometrics in minutes with your mobile device. So, customers can visualize the proposed new lighting and you cinch the deal.

Case Study

Light ARchitect at Work x 3

This agent has so many great success stories, we couldn’t stop at just one. Read about 3 ways Light ARchitect helped this agent and his team find success.

Case Study

Light ARchitect Showed the Way for Airgas

The easy-to-use Light ARchitect App helped the agent create a lighting design onsite in minutes. The photometric image proved to be a great sales tool.

Case Study

Can one create a winning lighting design in 10 minutes?

Read how our free Light ARchitect app made it easy to use augmented reality and a mobile device to put together a custom lighting design on the spot.

Case Study

Winning a Lighting Contract in One Day

A sales channel partner used his free Light ARchitect mobile app to quickly create a lighting design on the spot.

Tips & Tricks

Sports Lighting iOS

We are thrilled to introduce a Zillow-like experience for Sports Lighting, getting standard layouts done in minutes!


UV-C Disinfecting Solutions

Explore the UV-C Estimator feature enabling pathogen(s) selection and the time to disinfect a space based on your custom room dimensions.

Tips and Tricks (PDF)

Helpful Tip from Power User

iOS Quick Start Guide

Parking Quick Start Guide


Site Plan Quick Start Guide

Sports Quick Start Guide

White Paper

Lighting simulation app for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Visual all types of lighting including architectural lighting, area lighting, and many more.

Get started now

Light ARchitect is free, and available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices as well as your computer via web browsers.

Man downloading Light ARchitect visual lighting design tool.

Demo state-of-the-art products

We’re constantly adding new products to Light ARchitect’s catalog. Download the app to see all of the products available.

Light distribution design app for tablet or phone

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