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3-Minute Case Study:

Closing a Sale to Replace Existing LEDs with New Ones


Nathan Connell, a sales representative for Alabama Power, recently had the difficult task of convincing a customer with existing LED fixtures to upgrade their facility lighting to better-quality Cooper Lighting Solutions LED fixtures.


Fortunately for Alabama Power, Nathan had two important advantages. First, the customer was already familiar with the superior performance of Cooper Lighting Solution products. The roadway adjacent to the customer’s offices was illuminated with 251W ARCH Archeon cobrahead luminaires.

Second, Nathan had the easy-to-use Light ARchitect App. With it, he was able to design and optimize the new lighting, showing the customer how much better their lighting could be. Nathan proposed 232W USSL fixtures for the parking lot and 251W floodlights for the loading dock to exceed the customer’s goals.


The photometrics Nathan created in minutes with the App allowed the customer to visualize the new lighting. And as so often happens, Light ARchitect helped cinch the deal for Nathan and Alabama Power.

An Interesting Post Script About the App’s Precision:
Upon completion of the project, Nathan and Josh Durr, a sales agent with SouthCon, went to the site to inspect the results. While there, they took actual light level readings and compared them to the light levels created by the App in the virtual design. Turns out, the values estimated by the App were only 2% - 5% off from the actual measured readings. Nathan and Josh were astonished – and they now have complete confidence in the precision of the App to accurately estimate the lumens to be delivered.

Light ARchitect is the lighting simulation app that makes lighting as mobile as you are. It’s free and available for iOS and Android devices as well as web browsers.

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