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Safe and Secure

Correctional and high abuse applications require luminaires that minimize the risk of tampering, self-harm, provide a less “institutional” appearance, and are impact resistant.  Cooper Lighting Solutions has the experience and product offering to meet the challenges of properly illuminating these complex environments.

Complex Problems with Solutions You Can Rely On

Connected Lighting & Asset Management

Managing and maintaining your space is necessary, but Cooper Lighting Solutions can help make it easy and efficient. Monitoring spaces for outages can help ensure a space is safe. Remotely accessing equipment to make sure it is running properly is key and can help reduce maintenance and energy costs. ​Dusk to dawn and motion sensors can help reduce energy consumption while maintaining safe lighting levels. If security is a concern, luminaire mounted cameras can help monitor activity and reduce crime.

Reliable. Robust. Proven.

Keeping the lights on is a necessity. The high-performance driver protects against line and load variations that could cause outages and downtime. This technology helps keep the lights on to ensure safety and visibility when and where needed.

UV-C Sanitation

Upper Air UV-C solutions were shown to inactivate over 92% of airborne pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19.* Keeping viruses and illnesses at bay helps protect staff and can help minimize staffing challenges caused by sick time absences.


Correctional / High Abuse Spaces

Below are a few products we recommend for each application within this market.

Private Rooms

Recommended Products:
FMS Surface  |  FMR Recessed  |  FMB Wall  |  FCC Corner


Recommended Products:
FMB Wall  |  FCC Corner  |  FMS Surface  |  FMR Recessed

Community Spaces

Recommended Products:
HVSL4 Surface  |  HVSL8 Surface  |  FSP Panel  |  FSN Linear


Recommended Products:
FSN Linear  |  HVL8 Surface  |  FCZ Troffer


Recommended Products:
HVSL2 Surface  |  FSP Panel  |  FSN Linear

Visiting / Waiting Areas

Recommended Products:
FSN Linear  |  ENV Troffer  |  FSP Panel


Recommended Products:
FCZ Troffer  |  ENV Troffer  |  FSP Panel


Recommended Products:
FSN Linear  |  ENV Troffer  |  FSP Panel

Healthcare Exam Rooms

Recommended Products:
APR ArcMED Troffer  |  FCZ Troffer


Recommended Products:
Celesteon Roadway  |  NFFLD Night Falcon Flood  |  IFLD Flood

Walkways / Covered Walkways

Recommended Products:
WKP Wal-Pak  |  BRT6 Bollard  |  TopTier  |  RPGC Canopy

Driveway / Roads / Parking Lots

Recommended Products:
Archeon Roadway  |  USSL  |  Galleon II Area/Site  |  Verdeon  |  LAS Area/Site

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Product Selection Guide

Fail-Safe Correctional Selection Guide

Product Selection Guide

Fail-Safe Indoor High Abuse Selection Guide


Infrastructure Lighting & Controls Solutions

Products by Brand

Choosing the right product can be tricky, but we're here to help. Select from one of our brands offering correctional and high abuse lighting solutions.

Popular Correctional / High Abuse Product Categories

* Cooper Lighting Solutions’ wall mount and ceiling mount upper air UV-C luminaires were tested for SARS-CoV-2 in Innovative Bioanalysis Lab. The wall-mounted luminaire achieved 99.9% reduction in 10 minutes and the ceiling mount luminaire achieved 92.6% reduction in 20 minutes. The luminaires were also tested for Escherichia coli in Intertek Lab. Both luminaires achieved 99.9% reduction in 45 minutes.