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Canless recessed lighting


Go Where Standard “Can” Lighting Can’t

It’s time to expect more from your lighting: more functionality,
more flexibility, and more canless recessed lighting product
options than any other brand on the market.

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HALO remains a leader in innovating the lighting game.

"We are amazed at the impact quality lighting has on remodel transformations. HALO's canless direct mount lights are high quality, have innovative technology, and are easy to install. They check all of the boxes."

-Paul & Jordan, Stud Pack


QuickLink Low Voltage System

Attach fixtures to the self-healing low voltage cable
with a few twists! Quicklink is 85% faster than traditional
installation methods

ultra-thin canless

Go Slim

With canless, low-profile direct mounts available in multiple form factors and optical packages.

classic canless

Go Classic

With direct mount products that mimic the look of traditional recessed trim flawlessly.

selectable lumens, selectable color temperature

Go Custom

With control options like field-selectable color temperature and lumens, dimming, and directional lenses.

quicklink products

Go Adjustable

Adjustable solutions to shine light exactly where you need it.


Connect to the latest lighting trends, insights and more.


Meet the current housing demand and get off the job faster with these lighting products.


How to control material and labor costs in a recovering market.


Meet your new problem-solvers: the industry's largest selection of canless recessed lighting solutions.

Design Guide

HALO Canless Recessed Lighting Design Guide

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Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional recessed lighting and hello to HALO.

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