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Meet the Current Housing Demand and Get Off the Job Faster With These Lighting Products

June 30, 2021

Meet the current housing demand and get off the job faster with these lighting products

In a red-hot housing market where labor shortages and supply chain issues persist, the last thing a contractor wants to do is hit a snag towards the end of a project—especially if the problem could’ve been easily avoided.

All too often, recessed “can” lighting adds complexity to residential and light commercial projects because achieving the traditional look that clients desire usually means troubleshooting obstacles like duct systems and framing, all while trying to achieve the proper spacing.

But, today, contractors don’t need to choose between the convenience of canless lighting and the aesthetic of traditional recessed lighting. There is a whole slew of canless lighting products designed to give clients the look and features they want without the hassle. Let’s look at some of today’s best problem-solvers.

Challenge: Shallow plenum heights
Solution: Canless, low-profile products

Today’s cutting-edge canless designs may feature an ultra-slim profile and housing-free design, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice features. Models like the HALO MicroEdge HLB and HLB Lite offer a prismatic lens for low glare with field selectable CCT and lumen output and multiple shapes and sizes. Now, this solution is even available in a “smart” version (the HALO Home Smart MicroEdge HLB) so that homeowners can control and customize the lighting from their smart device.

Challenge: Customer wants the look of traditional recessed trim
Solution: Smooth splay canless products

As low-profile as today’s canless designs are, some customers simply desire that classic look. That’s no problem, thanks to canless products with regressed lenses designed to reduce glare and mimic the aesthetic of a traditional downlight. HALO has a variety of styles, from the modern look of the smooth splay in the LCR and LT-DM to the traditional feel of the baffle-trimmed RL-DM. These product families are offered in several sizes and require no housing or junction box. This collection also allows homeowners to fine-tune their lighting using dimming and adjustable CCT to get the light just right in any space.

Challenge: Customer wants more control and convenience
Solution: HALO Home smart canless products

“Smart” home features are an increasingly popular upsell for home builders and contractors, providing at-your-fingertips control and customization for today’s tech-savvy homeowners. Many of HALO’s canless lighting solutions are also available with HALO Home smart lighting functionality. Thankfully, these Bluetooth-enabled solutions do not require any special skills or even a Wi-Fi connection to install. And, since the HALO Home system and app are so user-friendly, homeowners will be able to customize their lighting without the need for callbacks.

Challenge: Achieving directional lighting with a shallow plenum
Solution: HALO Canless adjustable lighting

With a gimbal that rotates 360°, tilts ± 30°, and holds any aiming angle, the HALO HLA and RA allow you to focus the light exactly where you need it. But, unlike most directional downlights, they feature an ultra-slim profile and canless design that make installation a cinch. These also offer field-selectable color temperature, providing even more fine-tuning.

It’s time to expect more from your canless lighting.

Go where traditional “can” lighting can’t with the industry’s most extensive collection of innovative direct mount solutions.