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Creating a Brighter Community

Helping create a thriving community that can be enjoyed for years to come is key in municipal project planning. Selecting the proper lighting can go a long way in creating fun and inviting spaces while maintaining safety and security for the citizens.

Complex Problems with Simple Solutions

Learn how you can leverage controlled and connected lighting to solve even the most advanced challenges.

Connected Lighting & Asset Management

Managing and maintaining your space is necessary, but Cooper Lighting Solutions can help make it easy and efficient. Monitoring spaces for outages can help ensure a space is safe. Remotely accessing equipment to make sure it is running properly is key and can help reduce maintenance and energy costs. ​Dusk to dawn and motion sensors can help reduce energy consumption while maintaining safe lighting levels. If security is a concern, luminaire mounted cameras can help monitor activity and reduce crime.

A Configurable, All-in-One Solution

Whether a new or retrofit project, Cooper Lighting Solutions has a wide portfolio of highly customizable, versatile, and configurable products and controls to meet your specifications. From interior downlights and decorative fixtures, outdoor floodlights and bollards, to asset management controls, our team has the know-how to get the job done.

Environmentally & Dark Sky Friendly

LED light fixtures in a warmer color temperature can help reduce the effects of light pollution such as glare, skyglow and trespass. Cooper Lighting Solutions has Dark Sky compliant solutions to help you achieve your environmentally friendly goals. Additional color temperature options, such as Amber 590nm, can help in wildlife preservation as well.

Light ARchitect - Augmented Realty App

We’ve taken the guesswork out of lighting design with Light ARchitect, an augmented reality mobile app, that lets you instantly visualize light fixtures in your space. Browse, configure and customize the fixtures to match your vision. Virtually turn lights on to get the full effect. Take screenshots to share and email to clients or colleagues. Light ARchitect is free and available for iOS and Android devices.

Incentive Finder

Connects Cooper Lighting Solutions energy products listed on the DesignLights Consortium® and ENERGY STAR® Qualified Product Lists to utility incentives across North America.


Parks, Recreation, & Municipality Spaces

Parking Lots

Pathways / Trails


Recommended Products:
Lanterra Series  |  TopTier Canopy  |  GWC Galleon Wall

Signs, Statues, & Features

Recommended Products:
UFLD Flood Series  |  Lanterra Series  |  IFLD Flood

Court Sports

Recommended Products:
Lumavision  |  LumaSport 8  |  AirMesh Hub  |  UFLD Flood Series

Soccer / Football Fields

Recommended Products:
LumaSport 8  |  AirMesh Hub  |  Prism RGBA  |  UFLD Flood Series  |  IFLD Flood


Recommended Products:
LumaSport 8  |  AirMesh Hub  |  Prism RGBA  |  UFLD Flood Series  |  IFLD Flood


Recommended Products:
LumaSport 8  |  AirMesh Hub  |  Galleon II Area & Site  |  UFLD Flood Series  | 
IFLD Flood

Baseball / Softball Fields

Recommended Products:
Lumasport 8  |  Lumasport 16  |  Prism RGBA  |   AirMesh Hub

Pool / Splash Pads

Recommended Products:
LumaSport 8  |  AirMesh Hub  |  Galleon II Area & Site  |  UFLD Flood Series  |  IFLD Flood

Boat Docks / Ramps / Launches

Recommended Products:
UFLD Flood Series  |  IFLD Flood  |  PMM Mesa Post Top  |  USSL Area & Site

Get Inspired

Recreation, Municipal, and Park Lighting

Park lighting

6 Common Park Problems Responsible Lighting Can Solve

A proactive lighting solution should include things like a cohesive space that feels safe to visitors, a reduced cost of ownership, and a networked lighting control system. With these options in place, you can transform your parks and public spaces and promote a smart future.

Streetworks helps Town of Pepperell

Case Study

Streetworks Preserves Town of Pepperell’s Night Sky Case Study

Cooper Lighting Solutions provided a Dark Sky certified solution that met all the Town of Pepperell’s desires, replacing all the town’s 409 high-pressure sodium light fixtures with LED light fixtures from the Streetworks Archeon Series.

Case Study

Ephesus Lighting Helps Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

In partnership with the City of Hoover, our Ephesus team was able to convert five major sports facilities from antiquated legacy lighting to an energy-efficient digital lighting solution. The City's Park & Recreation Department was able to increase light levels by more than 50 percent to satisfy SEC Tournament broadcast standards and NCAA Tournament requirements. The increase in lighting levels was accomplished while simultaneously decreasing energy usage by more than 60 percent.



Sports Lighting for Any Size

Rantoul Family Sports Complex

Products by Brand

Choosing the right product can be tricky, but we're here to help. Select from one of our brands offering parks, recreation and municipalities lighting solutions.

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