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Trellix Infrastructure

Continued evolution of outdoor connected lighting

The Trellix Infrastructure platforms covering remote asset management and smart city connectivity include:​

  • Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) connected lighting controls ​
  • Cellular connected lighting controls
  • Smart Sensors   

Trellix Infrastructure Is Ideal for:

Cities & Municipalities

  • Smart streetlights create safe, sustainable communities.
  • Optimized lighting reduces crime, energy usage, and improves ambiance. 
  • Customizable controls provide adjustable light levels
  • Remote monitoring enables fault detection and workflow management
  • Analytics enhance safety, performance, and repair times.
  • Smart city technology leverages urban data to enhance life quality and efficiency.


  • Network lighting controls offer energy savings with complete data analytics.
  • Real-time fault diagnosis reduces inspections and enables proactive maintenance. 
  • Efficient asset management and billing systems optimize resources.
    Performance analytics include power loss, fault detection, and light source failure. 
  • Revenue grade metering provides accurate billing.
  • Smart city integration enhances system functionality and generates revenue.


  • Reliable installation and maintenance are crucial for network lighting controls. 
  • Ease of commissioning speeds installation time and lowers cost with fewer field errors and simplified system start-up.
  • System reliability reduces costs and simplifies long-term maintenance.
  • Cooper Lighting Solutions' expert commercial and technical resources provide complete support in all project phases.

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Trellix Infrastructure

Experience the transformative power of Trellix Infrastructure, designed to elevate the quality of life in your city, ushering in a new era of efficiency, citizen engagement, and public safety. This innovative solution integrates seamlessly with your city's outdoor lighting and control needs, offering a wealth of benefits that make your city not only more beautiful and efficient but also more inviting and secure for its inhabitants.

Join the league of future-ready cities and enjoy an array of tangible benefits, uniquely achievable through Trellix Infrastructure:


Flexible solutions to enhance installation, operations and quality of light ensuring your city stays luminous at all times


Energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact with improved maintenance and controlled lighting


Lighting as part of and integrated IoT infrastructure and addressing applications beyond illumination


Optimized and efficient systems management at  your fingertips allowing you to address critical system requirements on your schedule


Customer Focused Solutions

Safety and Security

Making public space more safe, secure through reduced downtime and customized light control

Enhanced Spaces

Improving citizen quality of life by reducing and proactively addressing complaints leading to happier, more satisfied residents

Trusted Experience

Our team’s legacy of best-in-class lighting solutions paired with our trusted  local network of expert advisors ensure your needs are met from project ideation to implementation

Global Presence

Backed by the world’s largest lighting brand with fortified data protection along with supporting technical and commercial  infrastructure

Connected Lighting Applications

Remote Asset Management

Gain efficiency in street lighting planning and operations using accurate asset performance and fault data, intuitive dashboards, and flexible workflow management tools while controlling street lighting scenes and schedules remotely.

  • Inventory Management:
    Manage your assets & improve performance

  • Better Operation & Maintenance:
    Efficient fault detection and repair

  • Dynamic Lighting:
    Adjust output with dynamic dimming

  • Revenue Grade Metering:
    Accurate real-time energy measurement 

  • Performance Analytics:
    Power usage, fault detection, fixture tracking

Smart City Solutions

Use of sensors in a connected street lighting system collect data that can be used to monitor and address needs related to such issues as noise, traffic flow, emergency alerts and environmental factors to improve the livability of a city. Leveraging the existing lighting system infrastructure reduces cost and provides additional value-added potential to a lighting system deployment.

  • Adaptive Lighting Control:
    Customizable system programming 

  • Advanced Data Collection:
    Gain insights to drive energy efficiency 

  • Sensor Enabled Functionality:
    Collect, monitor and respond to critical data

  • Expanded System Capabilities:
    Improve safety, security and environmental impact while enhancing the space for patrons

Trellix Infrastructure Technology Platforms

UNB Connected Lighting Controls

Powered By Telensa

Powered By Telensa

PLANet Central Management System (CMS)

Powered By Telensa

Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) Network Lighting Control

Powered By Telensa

Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) Network Base Station

Cellular Connected Lighting Controls

Central Management System (CMS)

Cellular Network Lighting Controller