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Protecting Our Environment​

Responsible use and management of artificial lighting is of critical importance not only for our safety and security, but for the protection of our environment as well. ​

Complex Problems with Simple Solutions

Learn how you can leverage controlled and connected lighting to solve even the most advanced challenges.

Control Systems

Managing and maintaining your space is necessary, but Cooper Lighting Solutions can help make it easy and efficient. Monitoring spaces for outages can help ensure a space is safe. Remotely accessing equipment to make sure it is running properly is key and can help reduce maintenance and energy costs. ​

All-in-One Solution

Whether a new or retrofit project, Cooper Lighting Solutions has a wide portfolio of highly customizable, versatile, and configurable products and controls to meet your specifications. From interior downlights and decorative fixtures, outdoor floodlights and bollards, to asset management controls, our team has the know-how to get the job done.

Light ARchitect - Augmented Realty App

We’ve taken the guesswork out of lighting design with Light ARchitect, an augmented reality mobile app, that lets you instantly visualize light fixtures in your space. Browse, configure and customize the fixtures to match your vision. Virtually turn lights on to get the full effect. Take screenshots to share and email to clients or colleagues. Light ARchitect is free and available for iOS and Android devices.

Amber LED

Amber LED Option

Narrow-band, monochromatic amber LEDs producing a wavelength of 590nm +/- 5nm are useful near observatories where artificial light can be adequately filtered for optimal performance, in addition to coastal areas for wildlife preservation. The warm color temperature produced is also ideal in many special applications requiring low-maintenance solutions that mimic traditional light sources.

dark sky friendly lighting

Turtle / Wildlife Spaces

Beach Access / Boardwalks

Recommended Products:
UTLD Post Top  | BRT6 Bollard  |  Arbor Series  |  GPC Pedestrian

Public Beach Parking

Recommended Products:
Galleon II LuxeScape  |  TopTier Site

Lifeguard / Coastguard Stations

Recommended Products:
GWC Wall  |  Impact Elite Wall Series  |  GPC Pedestrian

Waterside Dining / Entertainment

Recommended Products:
Impact Elite Wall Series  |  Arbor Series

Observatory Spaces

Driveways / Roads

Recommended Products:
Galleon II  |  Archeon Series  |  LuxeScape Series  TopTier Site    

Facilities / Buildings

Recommended Products:
GWC Wall  |  Impact Elite Wall Series  |  GPC Pedestrian  |  BRT6 Bollard  

Surrounding Towns / Cities

Recommended Products:
Archeon Series  |  Galleon II  |  Navion Offset Roadway  |  UTLD Post Top  TopTier Site   


What's New in Wildlife, Turtle, & Observatory

New Lighting to Help Turtles Hatchlings

Congratulations to Jacksonville and Beaches Energy for their efforts to preserve the natural environment and improve the safety of their beaches with their new lighting program. By using Archeon fixtures with amber LED solutions, the community is helping to preserve wildlife while improving safety. And those Archeons sure do look great in black!

city road lighting

Case Study

Streetworks Preserves Town of Pepperell’s Night Sky, Energy-Maintenance Savings Case Study

Cooper Lighting Solutions provided a Dark Sky certified solution that met all the Town of Pepperell’s desires, replacing all the town’s 409 high-pressure sodium light fixtures with LED light fixtures from the Streetworks Archeon Series.

Products by Brand

Choosing the right product can be tricky, but we're here to help. Select from one of our brands offering utility and DOT lighting solutions.

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