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How home should feel.

Cooper Lighting Solutions offers a broad range of residential lighting fixtures to meet your needs in both single-family and multi-family construction and remodel projects.

Complex Problems with Simple Solutions

Learn how you can leverage our residential lighting solutions to solve even the most advanced challenges.

Field Selectable Lighting

Flexibility at your fingertips. By using the simple slide of a switch on the product, you can choose from a range of lumens. Field selectable technology empowers you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your space creating the most optimal lighting experience at any time. 

Canless Lighting

Canless direct mount lighting solutions reduce installation time, costs, and headaches by providing more room to work with during installation while planning your light placements. Our ultra-slim design goes where LED can lights can't.

Mounting Types

Broad selection of mounting types for new construction or retrofit including, surface, recessed, canless direct mount suspended pendant and wall. We provide the perfect lighting solution to meet your specific need.

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Residential Spaces

Below are a few products we recommend for each of the applications within the Residential lighting market.

Single Family


Recommended Products:
ML Series  |  RL Series  |  HLB Series  |  HU30M  |  WiZ  |  HLCE


Recommended Products:
RL Night Light  |  LT Series  |  SMD Series  |   HLB Series  |  WiZ

Living Area

Recommended Products:
HL36 Series  |  RL Slope  |  HLA Series  |  Canless EZ-Trim  |  WiZ  |  HLCE

Bedroom / Office

Recommended Products:
RL Series  |  QuickLink Low Voltage  |  WiZ  |  HLCE

Laundry Room / Closet

Recommended Products:
HLC Series  |  HU30M  |  HLC9

Media Room

Recommended Products:
ML Series  |  WiZ

Garage / Workshop

Recommended Products:
WPLD  |  WP Series  |  ST Series  |  SLSTP  |  SHP  

Outdoor Spaces

Recommended Products:
TGS  |  ESF  |  ALB  |  UTLD



Recommended Products:
LCR Series  |  ML Series  |  HLB Series 0-10V   


Recommended Products:
SMD Series  |  HLB Series 0-10V


Recommended Products:
SMD Series  |  Fire Rated Series  |  Axcent  |  ClearCurve  |  LuxeScape Series

Landscape and Site

Recommended Products:
Arbor Series  |  Lanterra Series  |  Prevail  |  Galleon II  |  BRT6

What's New


Learn more about Residential lighting solutions by exploring our Resources.

HALO Downlighting LED Product Selection Guide


A simple yet powerful tool to help assist with recessed downlighting product comparison and selection based on features, performance, and relative value.

Products by Brand

Choosing the right product can be tricky, but we're here to help. Select from one of our brands offering residential lighting solutions.

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