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Lighting the Home Office: 5 Must-Have Solutions for the Zoom Age

September 17, 2021

Lighting the Home Office: 5 Must-Have Solutions for the Zoom Age

Remote work is here to stay; according to an August 2021 PwC survey on the future of work, 28% of employees and executives said they were “making permanent changes to how and where work gets done based on lessons learned from the pandemic.”

This shift has heightened demand for home office solutions, as more consumers realize that dialing into conference calls from bed is less-than-professional (and not great for one’s posture, either). Besides furniture and organization solutions, retailers should consider adding lighting to their home office merchandising mix.

Here are some solutions that are superbly DIY and Zoom-friendly.

For the novice DIY-er:

HALO canless direct mounts

Homeowners who have insufficient lighting in their home offices may not have noticed it much—until they were working from the home office every day. The look of recessed or “can” lighting is a timeless way to upgrade home office lighting, leave the space flexible for other uses in the future, and reduce eye strain.

But traditional recessed lighting isn’t easy to install, requiring bulky housing that can’t be installed near insulation or ductwork. Enter HALO’s canless solutions, which offer the aesthetic of traditional recessed lighting with far simpler installation.

For the music lover/podcast addict:

HALO Home Voice Smart Recessed Downlight

Who cares how loud your music or podcast is when you’re the only one in your office? Music and podcast enthusiasts can tune in and set the mood in their home office with HALO Home Voice: a “smart” recessed lighting fixture with a high-quality speaker and Amazon Alexa voice activation functionality built right in.

For those who want the speaker but not the “listening” functionality, there’s the slightly scaled-back HALO Home Smart Bluetooth Speaker Downlight. These solutions are also great for creating an entire-home sound + lighting system!

For the cameras-on culture:

HALO Home Smart Bulb

Telecommuters are increasingly expected to bring their video conference “A-game” each day. No one wants to be the one with poor home office lighting, looking like a dark shadow on screen! Plus, when you’re staring at yourself on-screen all day, you want your lighting to be as flattering as possible.

Enter the HALO Home smart bulb: the easiest way to add dimming and color temperature customization to a standard light fixture (like a desk lamp). Compatible with any standard fixture that accepts an E26 base, it allows the user to connect to the free HALO Home app to adjust the color temperature from warm to cool (2700K - 5000K) and put their “best face forward.”

For the background perfectionist:

HALO adjustable direct mounts

Everyone has that co-worker with an enviable Zoom background, like a perfectly staged bookshelf or tastefully curated art gallery wall. For those looking to show off certain architectural or decorative features to make their background pop, accent lighting is the perfect way to do so.

It’s easy to achieve the perfect angle with HALO Home’s line of canless direct mounts, many of which feature adjustable gimbals so consumers can customize the tilt and rotation of the lighting. What’s more: they offer hassle-free installation and other advanced optical features like dimming and field selectable color temperature.

For the around-the-house floater:

HALO Home App

Even though many office workers are now accustomed to working from home, not everyone does so from the same spot every day. Some prefer to float from room to room depending on the time of day (or even just their mood).

With the free and secure HALO Home app (available on the App Store and Google Play), consumers’ lighting preferences can move with them from one room to the next, too. That’s because it allows them to group fixtures together and set custom scenes depending on the time of day or task at hand. They can control it all from the palm of their hand, so whether they’re settling in for a productive morning or gearing up for a day full of video conferences, the perfect lighting is just a tap away.