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Field Selectable Technology

Flexibility at your fingertips. By using the simple slide of a switch on the product, you can choose from a range of color temperatures and/or lumens. Field selectable technology empowers you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your space creating the most optimal lighting experience at any time.  Field selectable products are multiple products in one saving money by carrying less inventory and still being able to meet the needs of customers.

Kitchen with a gradient showing the selectable color temperatures available 2700k to 5000k
selecctable colors logo

seleCCTable color temperature

Field selectable color temperature allows you to select the CCT during installation with the flip of a switch.

Hotel room with wall lighting
selectable lumens logo

Lumen Select

During installation the field-selectable lumen option allows you to select the desired lumen level with a flip of a switch.

Set the mood with a dimmer switch

Set the mood with a dimmer switch

The dim-to-warm setting begins at 3000K and dims smoothly to 1800K, creating a rich, warm glow resembling candlelight or the sun on the horizon.

Smart Technology

Smart technology options allow you to control your color temperature and lumens with smart controls.

HALO Connected by WiZ Pro

HALO Smart Wi-Fi lighting delivers unexpectedly easy setup and control via the WiZ app. Fixtures connect to your existing Wi-Fi, no hub required, for wireless lighting control at home, away, or with your favorite smart speaker.


From warm first impressions to stimulating workplace rays, there's a right light for every space. CLS's VividTune color tuning solutions puts the fine-tuning of light at your fingertips.

Metalux Selectable Lumen and CCT Products

Metalux Selectable Lumen and CCT Products

Field selectable technology empowers you to take control. Go selectable to choose your way, every time. Adjust color temperatures (CCT) and lumen outputs with the flip of a switch!

SeleCCTable Color

JD Scott talks about HALO Home and selectable color temperature.

Image of product guide cover

MarketPro Selectable Lighting Product Guide

The MarketPro program provides our distributor partners and contractors with our top selling lighting and controls products from our industry-leading brands. Designed for their trusted performance, reliability and quality, these products are in-stock and ready to ship.

Field Selectable Products

SLSTP Series

CGTS Selectable Panel

NWS Selectable Wrap

VHB LED High Bay

ST Series

LT5/6 SeleCCTable™ Downlight

HALO RL Night Light 6" Direct Mount

FPS LED Panel Series