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Fifth Light

Lighting Controls

Scalable. Flexible. Powerful.

Fifth Light system provides all the information you need to make savvier decisions with regard to your lighting system while enhancing your occupants’ comfort and productivity.

The distributed and digital addressable lighting interface system maximizes your lighting system performance thanks to individual control of the devices, device health status notification, energy report, and direct integration with any building system using BACnet/IP and REST APIs.

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digital addressable lighting interface

WaveLinx Touchscreen Now Works with Fifth Light

The WaveLinx TSE57 touchscreen can now be used with the Fifth Light system. The touchscreen provides an elegant and discreet light control for any Fifth Light controlled space. The touchscreen features a low-profile design with edge-to-edge glass and an extremely responsive display making it a great architectural addition to conference rooms, executive offices, and open spaces.




  • Easily design a system to meet your customers requirements.

  • Be ensured that you can meet all energy codes (Title 24, IEC, ASHRAE)

  • Easily connected the lighting system with other sub-systems within the buildings and smart applications using BACnet, Contact Closures, Analog Outputs and REST APIs.


  • Reduce installation time/cost with the pre-wired panels.

  • Reduce installation cost on larger jobs with Cooper Lighting Solutions Modular Wiring System and luminaires with DALI drivers


  • Save on operating costs with a system that was designed to provide consistent energy savings and drive energy efficiency throughout the building.

  • Manage flexibly with quickly re-assignable fixtures to create new control zones and areas via desktop and mobile application.Save on capital with utility and DLC rebates. WaveLinx meets the utility requirements for networked addressable luminaires with energy calculations.
End User

End User

  • Easily reprogram the system to accommodate changes within your spaces.

  • Enhance occupant experiences with IoT capabilities to share data via BACnet/IP and Public API (REST).


digital addressable lighting interface

LMS for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

The intuitive web-based lighting management application allows facility managers to design, configure and maintain their facility’s digital lighting system. Facility managers are able to easily analyze the building’s DALI lighting system usage and quickly update the system to improve energy consumption. In addition, it provides the necessary interfaces (BACnet, REST API and proprietary serial commands for shades) to integrate with other sub-systems such as Building Automation Systems, Demand Response systems, Shades Control systems, and AV systems.

lighting control panel

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Control Panel

Fifth Light’s Lighting Control Panel (LCP) is used to control and operate all lighting devices using Digital and Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) and low-voltage analog protocols. It is modular design can support up to 32 DALI Bus Cards, 48 Digital input cards and 9 Analog Input interfaces hence providing lighting engineers and contractors the flexibility and scalability needed to support all sizes and types of lighting applications, i.e. from small or large facilities, fluorescent to LED, local to networked architecture.

Digital Analog Converter

Digital to Analog Converter

Provides zone level control of luminaires with 0-10V drivers/ballasts in both Class 1 and Class 2 wiring configurations. With built-in latching relay and 0-10V current sinking interface, the DAC automatically detects the DALI Bus power loss and default to closed and full bright (100% lighting).