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Case Study:

Carey Hilliard’s

Savannah, GA


Carey Hilliard’s has been a Savannah institution since the first restaurant opened in 1960. Famous for tender barbecue and fresh seafood, Carey Hilliard’s has grown to six family restaurants, including the one at 11111 Abercorn Street, the subject of this case study.

lighting cost savings


Restaurant employees regularly go out the restaurant’s back door to throw bags of garbage into the Dumpster. The existing lighting behind the restaurant was deemed inadequate. Carey Hilliard’s wanted more illumination behind their building, so employees felt safer when going out the back door at night.

Tammy Moore, an account executive with Georgia Power, went down to Savannah to visit the restaurant on Abercorn Street. She immediately saw the problem and had an idea for the solution. So, she opened the Light ARchitect App on her mobile device – and that’s when things got really interesting.


Tammy used the Light ARchitect App to quickly create a photometric of her proposed solution for better illuminating the Dumpster area – a UFLD floodlight with a 279 Watt  Archeon fixture.  

But, Tammy didn’t stop there.

The App made it easy for her to add Carey Hilliard’s whole property to the photometric.  And in about ten minutes, Tammy was able to show the customer how much better the restaurant would look if it were to upgrade all its lighting, not just the light around the Dumpster.

restaurant lighting


Tammy turned a one-light upgrade into a 15-light sale. The App did such a good job of letting the customer visualize the dramatic improvement a total lighting upgrade would have on their property, they were sold.

The sales team collaborated remotely, doing in about 20 minutes what often takes a week. Working out the contract specifics was a cinch. Tammy called Andy McLedon, a SouthCon agent working on behalf of Georgia Power, and used her App to share all the pertinent project information with him – allowing Andy to avoid a four and a half-hour car ride each way, plus a hotel bill.

The super-fast turnaround is leading to other sales opportunities. All of the above happened on Friday; on Monday, the customer signed the contract. The speed and ease with which Tammy and Andy – and Light ARchitect – were able to handle the whole process so impressed the developers of Carey Hilliard’s, the team is currently in talks with the developers about a half dozen projects at their other properties.

Light ARchitect is the lighting simulation app that makes lighting as mobile as you are. It’s free and available for iOS and Android devices as well as web browsers.

Products Used

(1) 251 Watt UFLD floodlight fixture
(14) 279 Watt Archeon fixtures

Light ARchitect is an incredible tool.
Andy McLendon, Agent, SouthCon