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Case Study

Light ARchitect at Work x 3

When we asked Josh Durr, a very successful sales agent from SouthCon, to share with us an example of how the Light ARchitect app helped him and his team close a sale, he couldn’t stop at just one. He had so many great stories to tell. We chose three of them to share.

1. Impressing Mercedes-Benz of Mobile

Tommi Shaw, an Alabama Power sales rep and one of Josh’s clients, first met with Mercedes-Benz Mobile because the dealership needed lighting for its back lot. Its side and front lots used all different brands of lighting, with different levels of light output.

For the back lot, the customer liked the Streetworks USSL Series fixtures, but was concerned about light levels.

So, Tommi used the Light ARchitect app to show the client how the USSL Series would look in the back lot – and she went the extra step to include the other lots and their lighting, with equivalent light levels, in her photometric.

Upon seeing the rendering, not only was Mercedes-Benz Mobile management sold on using the USSL series for the back lot but, they said, if the installed product looks as good in real life as it does on the Light ARchitect photometric (and we know it will), they’ll replace the rest of their parking lot lighting with the USSL Series.

2. Winning a Spot to Pitch a New Sports Lighting Project

Alabama Power Corporation (APC) continues to explore new opportunities in lighting to offer the highest customer satisfaction. Along with Cooper Lighting Solutions’ Ephesus branded luminaires and the Light ARchitect App, Josh has successfully made ‘Sports Lighting’ a no-brainer for APC.

In addition to the outstanding customer service that SouthCon has provided over the years and the superior products from Cooper Lighting Solutions, Josh also credits the Light ARchitect app for helping to get his foot in the door of the new sports lighting project.

He contends that word has gotten around about what an effective tool Light ARchitect is in terms of accurate photometrics and the speed with which it allows sales professionals like Josh to create lighting designs and estimates.

“It used to take six weeks to create a rough estimate that let a customer know if their plans were even doable,” says Josh. “With Light ARchitect, it only takes me six minutes to provide a ballpark estimate that allows a customer to check budget constraints early in the game.”

And Josh has used his Light ARchitect app to create estimates in some unlikely places. “I once used the app standing in the middle of a sports field. The customer was standing next to me and was blown away by what I was doing – and how fast I was able to do it.”

3. Helping New Sales Reps Get Onboard Faster

Light ARchitect has provided sales reps with an unexpected benefit. According to Josh, the app has turned out to be a great interactive educational tool for sales reps who are new to the lighting industry.

“A new rep called me recently, very excited, because the app allowed her to see distribution patterns,” according to Josh. “With the app, she could easily see that T2R means this shape and 5WQ means this shape.”

Light ARchitect is helping new sales reps familiarize themselves with the lighting business and products faster than ever. And because it's interactive, it’s more engaging and, frankly, more interesting, than pouring over spec sheets.

“The app helps them become better sales agents. It’s one of the greatest tools we’ve ever used.”

Light ARchitect is the lighting simulation app that makes lighting as mobile as you are. It’s free and available for iOS and Android devices as well as web browsers.