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Case Study: Utility/DOT

Light ARchitect Delivers for Estes Express Lines

Augusta, GA


Estes Express Lines is a privately owned freight transportation provider with a network that covers all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. The Estes fleet includes more than 8,500 tractors and 34,000 trailers that move in and out of the company’s 270+ terminals every day.


Lighting design is always an important factor when it comes to employee safety and overall company security, especially when planning parking lots. Local code compliance is another consideration.

Estes wanted a solution that was both effective and cost-efficient. And, the Estes decision-makers wanted facts, not hype, to help them choose the lighting solution that made the most sense for their company.


Thanks to the Light ARchitect app, Chris Sailors, an account executive with Georgia Power, was able to create a preliminary lighting design onsite in minutes. The app let Chris use augmented reality and a common mobile device to help the customer visualize the lighting solutions as they would appear in Estes’ new parking lot.

Light ARchitect made it easy for Chris to instantly access a satellite image of the area where the proposed lot would be located. The user-friendly features of the app let Chris quickly and easily map out where it made sense to put the light poles and how high they would need to be.

And with the simple flip of a virtual switch to turn the lights on and off, Light ARchitect let Chris use his mobile device to show Estes exactly what area the illumination would cover – an important safety and security consideration for a location with heavy tractor-trailer traffic. Light ARchitect’s imagery showed how LED lights would ensure even lighting and make all the lot’s entrances and exits clearly visible at night and in harsh weather.


Images created with Light ARchitect are to scale, so they provided the scientific verification Estes decision-makers were looking for and Light ARchitect’s easy interface made it a snap to build excitement and buy-in by sharing Light ARchitect images with appropriate stakeholders.

Estes decision-makers were so impressed with the Georgia Power proposal, it took less than a day from design start to deal close.