Light ARchitect

See your space in a new light with augmented reality.

Dream. Experiment. Plan.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of lighting design with Light ARchitect:
An augmented reality mobile app that lets you instantly visualize light fixtures in your space.

How it Works

Visualize your design through augmented reality

Learn how to use the Light ARchitect app to virtually place light fixtures directly in your space.


In any space

No need to worry. Regardless of space, setting, or environment, you'll be able to visualize the lighting fixtures of your choice as you wish to see them.


Got a new lighting fixture to improve employee productivity and boost morale? Let them see it!


Ignite your inner passion for healthcare lighting by now visualizing the light in patient rooms, exam rooms, and operating rooms.


Immediately show off lighting innovations in the classroom, hallway, library, or cafeteria to the principals and teachers.


Showcase that new merchandise with the lighting of your choice. See what works best for you.


A more powerful way to design

  • Browse state-of-the-art light LED fixtures and choose the ones you want to see in your space
  • Adjust the fixture’s finish, lumen output, mounting height, color temperature & more
  • Virtually turn lights on to get the full effect
  • Take screenshots to share and email to clients or colleagues

Demo state-of-the-art products

We’re constantly adding new products to Light ARchitect’s catalog.
Here are some of the fixtures you’ll be able to demo in the app.


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GUV Disinfecting Solutions

Explore the GUV Estimator feature enabling pathogen(s) selection and the time to disinfect a space based on your custom room dimensions.


Just ask them!

Learn how Gabler Youngston, a lighting design firm, uses the Light ARchitect app to enhance their design services.

Get the App

Light ARchitect is free,
and available for iOS and Android devices.

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