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Smart Spaces IoT Platform


Data-driven decision making starts with meaningful data.

Improve your buildings operational efficiency and occupant experience with Trellix, an IoT platform for commercial buildings that aggregates data from your WaveLinx connected lighting system and delivers meaningful and actionable insights. 

Operational Efficiency

Energy Savings & Optimization

Reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing the energy consumption of your building

Pro-active Maintenance

Don’t wait for tenants to report failures, manage devices health and faults using our real-time fault notification

Asset & Operational Optimization

Optimize your assets by better understanding their usage based on the real-time time location data as well as optimize your workforce by allowing them to quickly locate their assets

Asset Tracking/ Management

Reduce time required locating critical assets in real-time

Occupant Experience

Trellix on-premise smart space IoT platform Workspace Environment Optimization
Workspace Environment Optimization

Enhance workspaces with personalized temperature, lighting, and more, based on the occupant

Enhanced Security

Use device level occupancy to detect intrusions post working hours by sending real-time data to security systems

Space Management

Use area occupancy to quickly find and book available meeting spaces with apps and digital signage

Tenant Experience Enhancement

Enables tenants to be connected to the spaces and services offered within the facility

Your Digital Transformation Starts Here

Trellix on-premise smart space IoT platform

Connect. Process. Exchange.

Unlock the value of your WaveLinx Connected Lighting System with Trellix’s suite of powerful software and applications.

Powerful Tools, Designed for the Modern Workforce

Trellix facilitates data collection, storage, aggregation and transmission — along with a set of thoughtful, easy-to use applications to manage and visualize your data.
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Trellix Admin

Manage systems, users, licenses, and more—or tap into third-party APIs to expand your capabilities even further.

alt text

Trellix Lighting

Take complete control of your lighting to create energy efficient spaces across multiple floors, buildings, and even multiple sites using your preferred mobile device.

alt text

Trellix Locate

Manage your valuable equipment and optimize your workforce and work processes by locating your assets in real-time and analyzing their movements within your spaces. 

alt text

Trellix Exchange

Opening up the possibilities by allowing our partners and system integrators to leverage the value of the data gathered by our connected devices using our standard based interfaces (BACnet/IP, Public API, OpenADR).

All Trellix Products

From small and medium-sized buildings to enterprise solutions, Trellix offers a range of products and packages to suit your needs.

Trellix Developer Portal

Trellix Developer Portal

APIs to Access Lighting Control and Real-time Facility Data at your Fingertips.

Solutions for the modern workforce

Your business is unique, and requires IoT solutions for different types of applications. With a wide range of third-party services and endless integration capabilities, Trellix can deliver on any desired space.

Ideal for these spaces:

Featured Trellix Partners

Our partner program enables developers and system integrators to leverage the data gathered by the Trellix platform to create brilliant customer experiences. Using APIs, systems can collect valuable data from the Trellix platform–such as spatial organization, space usage, asset information, and asset location– to deliver fully-integrated solution.

title="Vizzia Real-Time Healthcare Visibility"

Vizzia Technologies is a software and managed service provider of real-time location systems (RTLS) and advanced process improvement solutions for healthcare organizations. Its award-winning software platform provides real-time, actionable data and process visibility to improve enterprise efficiencies and patient care for leading health systems, hospitals, and clinics. Healthcare solutions include asset management, environmental monitoring, and patient workflow.


ZulaFly offers solutions that provide efficient delivery of relevant location based information that boosts your bottom line. Zulafly gives you the ability to view all activity inside and outside your facility. From the map views you can see where your assets and people are located and also any notifications that are active. The search functionality allows you to discover items’ current locations and status from whatever dashboard you’re on.

Connected Systems compatible with Trellix

WaveLinx Wireless

WaveLinx Wired

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