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Why Connected Lighting is Smart for Facility Managers

August 9, 2019

Lower costs and discover new efficiencies with better lighting technologies

In commercial tenancy, stasis is not a successful business model. If you don’t work to keep improving your properties, find ways to help tenants save, and stay current with trends—if you aren’t constantly looking for ways to offer more and better—there are always other facilities waiting to welcome your occupants. It can be an overwhelming (and constant) challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Especially when it comes to choosing or updating your building’s lighting system.

Thanks to new lighting technology advancements, upgrading your system is now one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reduce energy use, cut operating costs, attract tenants, and stay competitive. Even better news? New innovations like the WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting System have virtually eliminated installation and commissioning challenges that once put connected lighting out of reach for many. By providing the foundation for an IoT platform, systems like WaveLinx can also help “future-proof” your facility.

Facility owners: it’s time to take another look at how lighting and WaveLinx can be your next game-changers.

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Why now is the time to upgrade to connected lighting

1. Save up to 70% in energy costs

While it may be tempting to limp into the future with your current system, the business case for future-proofing your property is clear. 

First, there are energy savings. While all LED lighting is energy-efficient, connected lighting systems help you (and your tenants) save energy in more ways. WaveLinx, for example, features built-in occupancy and daylight sensors and can be programmed to adjust light levels accordingly.

The benefits of installing or retrofitting a connected lighting system will far outweigh your initial investment—which, with the potential to save up to 70% annually.

2. Improve productivity & well-being

While significant energy savings may be enough of a business case to make the switch to connected lighting, the positive impact on your occupants’ well-being is also substantial.

Studies are showing a strong connection between comfortably-lighted environments (that mimic natural circadian rhythms) and health, well-being, and productivity. And as more and more business owners look for ways to provide better, healthier environments for their employees, facility owners are starting to see more than just the cost benefits of upgrading to connected, “human-centric” lighting systems like WaveLinx.

The WaveLinx system offers a wide portfolio of indoor and outdoor LED fixtures to choose from, allowing you to achieve centralized control over the entire facility. After the lighting is installed, it can be easily adjusted to maximize visual comfort without having to call an electrician or contractor. It’s all controlled via a mobile app, putting your tenant in control of their environment.


3. Enhance tenant safety and security

Today’s connected lighting can improve building safety and security (and reduce your liability) in ways you may not have envisioned. For one: WaveLinx uses occupancy sensors to monitor spaces and determine when and where lighting is needed, all of which makes walking into darkened rooms and fumbling for light switches a thing of the past. Providing well-lit spaces decreases the risk of slips and falls increases security (particularly in outdoor areas) and helps people feel safer.

4. Install once, update remotely

Scalable and expandable, WaveLinx not only leads you into the future, it keeps you there. In other words, you won’t ever have to do a major overhaul on your lighting system again.

That’s because with WaveLinx, you can update and add on to the software over time. Once the system is in place, it’s easy to integrate with other solutions and update the system as new features are developed.

5. Reduce installation time and cost

With simple out-of-the-box functional wireless lighting system setup, integral diagnostics and a simple mobile app for configuration and control, WaveLinx reduces installation time. It also features automatic commissioning, eliminating compliance headaches that could otherwise cause costly delays.


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