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Case Study: Healthcare

Missouri Slope North Campus Project

Bismarck, North Dakota

Missouri Slope, a Long-Term Care Facility, Plans to Improve Operations and Occupant Experience with WaveLinx, Trellix and Trellix Partner Systems.


Facility Type: Healthcare long-term care facility
Missouri Slope North Campus Project
Scope: Long-term care facility for 192 residents
Completion Date: October 2021
Location: Bismark, North Dakota
Electrical Contractor: Magnum Electric
Technology Consultant: Eide Bailley
Trellix Partners: ZulaFly, JNL
Mlazgar Associates



  • 2,389 Metalux troffers, flat panels, strip lighting, vapor tights and other specialty lighting
  • 49 Neo-Ray linear recessed lighting
  • 37 HALO Track lighting
  • 6 Sure-Lite Exit lighting
  • 19 McGraw-Edison outdoor lighting
  • 398 All-Pro Outdoor lighting


  • 876 WaveLinx Wallstations/Dimmers
  • 64 WaveLinx Switchpacks/Load controllers
  • 81 WaveLinx / Greengate Occupancy sensors
  • 128 WaveLinx Area Controllers
  • 1 Trellix Core with Lighting and Locate
  • Trellix Locate wearables, badges and tags

Expected Results

  • 70% energy savings by combining LED light fixtures with digital lighting control system
  • 30% cost savings over traditional real-time location solution
  • 40% installation savings by eliminating network wiring of the lighting control system


Like many long-term care providers across the country, Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center, a long-term care provider in Bismarck, North Dakota  faced steep challenges. With an aging population and increased demand for care comes a need to scale services amid increasing staffing shortages and rising healthcare costs— all while raising the quality of care or overall experience for long-term residents.

With its existing facility at full capacity, Missouri Slope identified the need for additional private rooms, improved parking, and additional staff services. In 2017, Missouri Slope broke ground on a new, state-of-the-art facility with 192 resident rooms, chapel, sunroom, entertainment center, beauty salon, on-site pharmacy, memory care unit, and childcare center.

Knowing that the new facility’s lighting system needed to provide immediate ROI and future scalability, Missouri Slope’s technology consultant partner saw an opportunity to leverage Cooper Lighting’s connected luminaires with Trellix Locate, a real-time location solution, to maximize functionality. Missouri Slope is no stranger to RTLS technology — it utilizes a stand-alone RTLS in its existing facility.

Cooper Lighting’s Trellix Smart Spaces platform brings oncedisparate
systems together into an all-in-one solution that would reduce the total cost of ownership by 30%.


Missouri Slope selected Cooper Lighting Solutions’ IoT smart spaces platform, Trellix, and its LED luminaires with integrated WaveLinx sensors, to go along with the existing software provider, ZulaFly. Trellix is an edge  computing platform for smart spaces that allows facility managers to manage their lighting devices while offering various services such as Trellix Locate, an indoor positioning service, and Trellix Exchange, a data sharing service. These services enable Trellix partners to offer solutions to the healthcare facilities operators.

Trellix is the only IoT smart spaces platform offered by a lighting  manufacturer to include a third party cybersecurity certification, to include IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity certification, a series of cybersecurity standards developed for industrial automation control system components, providing customers with advance protection against cyber-attacks.


Trellix Partner Ecosystem

Cooper Lighting is constantly engaged with technology companies to create a partner ecosystem that leverages WaveLinx infrastructure and data from Trellix to provide enhanced solutions to its customers. Trellix integrated with ZulaFly, JNL Technologies, and West-Com to provide a complete solution for Missouri Slope.

Lower Project Costs & Ongoing Energy Savings

Missouri Slope and its partners selected Cooper Lighting’s LED troffers and downlights with integrated sensors for approximately 80% of the new building. With high-quality ambient lighting and the ability to dim to 1%, the LED luminaires enhances comfort and wellbeing, and gives residents more control over their environment. What’s more: the facility will see a 70% reduction in energy use compared to the fluorescent luminaires in older facilities.

Luminaires include integrated WaveLinx sensors that connect to the  WaveLinx wireless control system out-of-the-box. This greatly simplifies installation by eliminating the need to run low voltage wiring for lighting controls between the luminaires, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, keypads, and load controllers, and ultimately reducing labor costs by 40%.

Highest ROI for Real-Time Location Solution

Missouri Slope had been leveraging real-time location systems, with ZulaFly as the software platform provider, for several years to give caregivers visibility into facilities. With the WaveLinx sensors, among the most advanced on the market, they can now do more with less. The sensors include multiple technologies—passive infrared with motion detection, a photocell for daylight level measurement, and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) receiver that enables facilities to locate assets and personnel equipped with Bluetooth tags or badges.

The Missouri Slope staff will leverage its lighting system to improve the staffand resident experience in several ways:

  • Resident activity: staying active is key to long-term residents’ health. Using RTLS, the staff can assess residents’ activity patterns and help them achieve optimal levels.
  • Memory care: the RTLS will be used to ensure memory care residents are not entering unauthorized locations. If a resident wanders, staff can receive automated alerts
  • Nighttime safety: with WaveLinx and Trellix, Missouri Slope can monitor certain resident activity — like using the restroom at night— even if they aren’t wearing their BLE-enabled device. This helps staff quickly and easily know where residents are and prevent incidents such as falls.
  • Staff and resident assist: badges and wearables are equipped with an alert  button that people can use to request assistance; if no one has responded within a set period, the request can be escalated automatically.
  • Asset management: assets, such as equipment and residents’ belongings can be tagged and quickly located from any mobile or web enabled device.
  • Identifying equipment in the laundry room: RTLS tags from staff, residents or equipment can accidentally ended up in the laundry. By extending the RTLS infrastructure into the laundry area, tags can quickly be sensed and given back to the correct owner or put back on the piece of equipment.

The cost of procurement, installation, and maintenance prevent many long term care facilities from implementing RTLS. Trellix addresses those  concerns by eliminating the need for dedicated receivers, utilizing the  luminaire’s embedded sensors to collect data, managing the lighting system, and enabling RTLS, resulting in 30% or more cost savings compared to legacy RTLS solutions.


Missouri Slope chose Cooper Lighting’s WaveLinx and Trellix solution which provides a reliable LED lighting and real-time location system that improves their resident and caregiver experience, as well as day to day operations. The Trellix IoT smart spaces platform brings once-disparate systems together into an all-in-one comprehensive solution that provides a higher return on investment. By installing sensors in the luminaires, we eliminate the need for a costly and complex secondary RTLS network not just from the initial install but also from ongoing maintenance. Trellix is can easily be expanded into other areas through additional integrated fixtures and/or stand-alone sensors.