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Wireless Solution for Connected Spaces

WaveLinx PRO

Flexible. Connected. Secure.

WaveLinx PRO is your wireless lighting control system for connected spaces that helps significantly reduce the building’s energy consumption from a single floor to an entire campus, connect to beyond lighting assets, and can share the aggregated sensor data with the WaveLinx CORE platform and other building systems to help building owners improve their building operations, spaces environment, and tenants' experience. WaveLinx PRO offers a rich portfolio of wireless devices, WaveLinx PRO enabled luminaires, and intuitive WaveLinx mobile app for installations for your office, education, warehouse, and parking garage applications.

For spaces for which wired and wireless need to come together as a hybrid system, WaveLinx offers the WaveLinx Area Controller which communicates with both PRO and CAT devices.

Wireless Lighting Control for Connected Spaces

Simply design your lighting control for your project with WaveLinx PRO to comply with the North American energy codes such as with automatic lighting,  emergency, and plug load control based on occupancy, time-based events, and demand response signal, including OpenADR, maximize energy savings and last improve occupant experience with WaveLinx CORE features. The system is used in all types of indoor, outdoor, commercial, and industrial applications—from a single room, to a floor, to a whole building, warehouse, or even an entire campus.

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Features & Benefits

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Flexible for Superior Design

Design your space without compromising on aesthetics by taking advantage of our rich portfolio of WaveLinx PRO devices and enabled luminaires for indoor and outdoor use as well as low-bay and high-bay applications. Also, WaveLinx makes it simple to specify and design for wired and wireless hybrid connected spaces with its WaveLinx Area Controller which communicates with both WaveLinx PRO and WaveLinx CAT devices.



Connected makes WaveLinx PRO the ideal commercial lighting solution for small to large, indoor and outdoor applications. Need a supervisory management system for the facility management team? Add our Entreprise solution WaveLinx CORE. It historizes the data gathered by the system’s devices to provide insights about space and asset usage within your building.

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Cybersecurity is embedded into all Cooper Lighting Solutions connected products and platforms. Our approach includes everything from threat modeling and requirement analysis to verification and ongoing maintenance. In addition, all our connected products are certified against the IEC 62443-4-2 standard by an authorized, third-party security lab. So, our customers get the accredited, independent proof they need to trust products installed for their facility.

Connected Spaces Solutions

Wired and Wireless Solution for Connected and Hybrid Spaces

For larger-scale projects for which wired and wireless need to come together as a hybrid system, the solution is to connect WaveLinx PRO and WaveLinx CAT to the WaveLinx Area Controller.

WaveLinx Area Controllers communicate with wireless devices using PRO protocols over 802.15.4 radio and wired devices via a WaveLinx Area Hub. WaveLinx Area Controller allows you to scale to multiple rooms on an entire floor. WaveLinx CAT devices connect via CAT5 cable or WaveLinx PRO devices via 802.15.4 radio.

Flexible installation...Simplified

Blends the simplicity of a standalone installation with the usability of a controlled system for an easily configured space with an exceptional occupant experience.

Ideal for these spaces:

WaveLinx CORE

Smart Spaces Solution

WaveLinx CORE

WaveLinx CORE is an on-premises or cloud open integration smart spaces platform designed to help building owners to improve operational efficiency, offer optimized experiences to the occupants, and create a healthy well-being environment.