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CORE Insights

Optimize your office space

Leverage the data collected by your lighting system to understand how your employees are using your workspaces and turn it into a strategic usage of spaces across the entire facility. CORE Insights gives you instant visibility into space utilization data which you can use immediately to optimize your workplace and improve your employee's experience.

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CORE Insights Products

From small and medium-sized buildings to enterprise solutions, CORE offers a range of products and packages to suit your needs.



By gathering advanced space information, CORE Insights helps real estate planners make accurate forecasts of their space requirements, avoiding unnecessary expansion.


By understanding the space occupancy patterns, CORE Insights enables facility managers to adapt equipment allocation, remodeling, and space services such as equipment sanitization and supplies to suit occupant needs better.


By optimizing the real-estate footprint, CORE Insights leads building occupants to benefit from improved well-being and safety, resulting in a more optimal user experience.


Out-of-the-box dashboard and reports

Ready-to-use scalable multi-site dashboards available on-premises. The dashboard and  reports provide aggregated and detailed occupancy metrics at enterprise, site, building, area, and room level.


Floorplan visualization

Along with enterprise hierarchy, charts, and other representation to quickly view average area occupancy, compare occupancy trends and real-time occupancy at site, building and floor level.

Quickly navigate

From Enterprise level to site, area, and room level to monitor key performance indicators for real-time occupancy utilization and occupancy trends. Desktop, mobile and kiosk compatible and intuitive chart views – bar/line.

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Identify your most and least used spaces

View area occupancy across your real-estate portfolio from most used (>70%) to least used (< 30%) by department, space type, building and floor.

No Additional Sensors or Infrastructure

No additional infrastructure needed to get access to these insights. The application is hosted on the same CORE appliance used to manage your lighting system. The data is generated by the same occupancy sensors used  to control your lighting control system, i.e. sensors that are required as per most energy codes.

APIs for Tenant Experience App Providers

Do you already have a tenant experience app and just need to get the occupancy data from your lighting system? No problem. CORE Lighting and Insights API provides real-time and aggregated data that can be easily consumed by your platform.

Solutions for the modern workforce

Your business is unique, and requires smart solutions for different types of applications. With a wide range of third-party services and endless integration capabilities, CORE can deliver on any desired space.

Ideal for these spaces:



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Unlock the value of your WaveLinx Connected Lighting System with CORE’s suite of powerful software and applications.