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How to Use Real-Time Data to Reduce Healthcare Facility Expenses.

August 26, 2022

A 1,500-bed North Carolina Hospital saw $3.5M in equipment savings.

In Texas, an 875-bed hospital reduced equipment repairs by 80%.

And a 627-bed hospital in Georgia saw 0% lost equipment, down from 7%, reducing equipment rentals by $220K.

Incredible results like this inspired Cooper Lighting Solutions to add the option of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) functionality to our lighting solutions, on the Trellix Smart Spaces IoT Platform.

According to a study by GE Healthcare, utilization of medical equipment in hospitals averages only 42%.

Think of the potential for savings!

We think about it all the time. And with our partner Vizzia Technologies, we’ve created a way to use the tremendous potential of real-time data to help healthcare facilities reduce costs while improving the experiences of patients and staff.

Cooper Lighting Solutions provides RTLS that gathers reliable data which Vizzia Technologies consumes and makes meaningful, turning it into real-time insights that lead to operational success stories.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are helping hospitals run more efficiently by:

  • Increasing utilization
  • Reining in capital expenditures
  • Reducing operational expenditures
  • Decreasing rental fleet size
  • Preventing device shrinkage
  • Reducing search time
  • Improving patient care

RTLS performs like a sophisticated indoor GPS that can locate just about anything, including medical devices, staff, and patients. With RTLS in place, caregivers have ready access to the equipment they need, patients get the prompt care they deserve, and facilities get more value from their existing equipment investments.

RTLS solves many supply chain issues for healthcare facilities:

  • Increasing patient and staff safety
  • Automating PAR levels
  • Increasing ROI
  • Optimizing quality levels
  • Reducing spoilage
  • Increasing patient safety

In the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic, PPE items were scarce and hospitals were faced with shortages. As a result, many turned to RTLS solutions for their supply chain management. It worked so well, they haven’t looked back.

RTLS captures and analyzes data that allows healthcare facilities to automate tracking of their inventory levels and expiration dates. Adding environmental sensors allows them to monitor temperatures and humidity levels for critical perishables such as medications, blood, and tissue supplies. The result is optimal levels of inventory, with less chance of costly overstock or waste.

Cooper Lighting Solutions’ RTLS and Vizza Technologies capture and analyze valuable, reliable data from the parking lot to the patient suite to the operating room. The result is quality, actionable information that informs bottom-line decisions throughout the facility:

  • Asset Management
  • Contact Tracing & Hand Hygiene
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Wayfinding
  • Wander Management
  • Enterprise Security
  • Patient Flow
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Healthcare IT

Customers that incorporate our RTLS solutions into their healthcare facilities:

  • Grow accustomed to best-in-class, real-time data analytics and KPI reports on demand
  • Gain full process visibility, so it’s easier to see where there’s room for improvement and cost savings
  • Provide their patients with the improved care that comes from a medical staff that has more time to focus on patient needs

See how Cooper Lighting Solutions combines lighting and technology for a brighter future for healthcare facilities like yours.

Learn more about Vizzia Technologies.