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From warm first impressions to stimulating workplace rays, there's a right light for every space. CLS's VividTune color tuning solutions puts the fine-tuning of light at your fingertips.

Tunable white solutions allow light color adjustment perfect for office spaces.

Tunable white solution

Work spaces thrive in the right lighting environment. VividTune's tunable white solution allows you to adjust the color temperature of light - from warm white to cool white, creating an environment that fosters productivity and concentration.

D2W: Dim-to-warm solutions allow restaurants to set a warm, inviting atmosphere to relax customers.

D2W™ Dim-to-warm solution

Bring the warm, dim glow reminiscent of traditional incandescent and halogen sources into your space, for a fraction of the energy consumption, with our Dim-to-Warm solution.

Tunable white

Lighting has a very real effect on mood and alertness. This is particularly important in education, healthcare, office and retail environments, where lighting can sway overall performance.

VividTune's tunable white solutions are expertly designed with these needs in mind, letting you easily adjust the color temperature of the light and its intensity.

Adjust color and light intensity

The preferred color temperature at the ideal lighting level

Metalux Cruze recessed light in classroom - Warm Lighting Metalux Cruze recessed light in classroom - Cool Lighting Metalux Cruze recessed light in classroom - Dim Lighting



temperature adjustment

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intensity adjustment

  1. Healthcare applications - Image of nurse offering coffee to an elderly gentleman.
  2. Retail applications - Image to two women chatting in a clothing store.
  3. Education applications - Child excitedly raising hand to answer teacher's question.
  4. Office applications - A design team working hard in a modern looking office space.

Tunable white solutions

Tunable white lighting fixtures

Choose from a range of industry-leading luminaires and familiar control options,
each offering high-quality color temperature tuning and intensity control.

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Corelite / Neo-Ray



Add a rich, relaxing glow to your environment. VividTune dim-to-warm technology
recreates the relaxing effect of traditional incandescent or halogen lighting,
with the energy-saving benefits of LED.

hotel rooms
  1. Restaurant application: Dim-to-warm solutions allow restaurants to set a warm, inviting atmosphere to relax customers.
  2. Hotel Room Application: Dim-to-warm control allows for custom lighting adjustment to make customers feel more comfortable in their rooms.
  3. Hospitality applications: Dim-to-warm adjustment allows for freedom in lighting design to enhance hotel attractiveness.
  4. Residential applications: Dim-to-warm solutions allows residential customers to set the perfect mood in their homes.

Dim-to-warm solutions

Dim-to-warm lighting fixtures

These LED light fixtures smoothly and automatically transition from their highest
color temperature (3000K) to lowest (1850K) as you dim the light output.

square, round & cylinder



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Live, work and learn in your preferred light environment with VividTune™ color tuning solutions.