Photometric Toolbox / IES File Downloads

Photometric Toolbox Version 1.87:

Photometric Tool Box

Useful Information

  • Get Toolbox
  • How to install photometric instabase for Toolbox and AGI32
  • Photometric Toolbox now includes the computation of the new Luminaire Classification System (LCS) in accordance with IESNA TM-15-07, BUG Ratings, Absolute photometry support, UWLR and the Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER).
  • Recommended for Microsoft 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 (run as Admin)
  • Create detailed reports on selected photometric files in industry standard Indoor, Roadway, or Flood formats
  • Create scaled Iso-Illuminance (fc,lux) templates for any luminaire arrangement including floods
  • Visualize light distributions in 3 dimensions

IES File Downloads

*Many of these files are over 4GB. For best results use 7-zip. Click here to download 7-Zip.

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