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Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Why Field-Selectable LED Products Are Made with Contractors in Mind

August 21, 2023

Today’s homeowners and building owners want LED lighting fixtures with more than just one CCT or lumen setting. These field-selectable products and technologies help you make customers happy while providing you with more flexibility, control – and fewer callbacks.

Lighting is key to any construction or renovation project. Bad lighting — with insufficient lumens or the wrong color temperature — can skew colors, create visual discomfort, and make homeowners and building occupants cranky. Contractors know the headache that comes with lighting-related callbacks. Having to replace or reconfigure lighting systems cuts into schedules and budgets. Luckily, thanks to field-selectable LED technology, that can be a thing of the past.

With flexibility and peace of mind for contractors, field-selectable LED light fixtures are now widely available with a host of options for residential, commercial, and outdoor applications. Let’s look at some of the best and “brightest” solutions.

Field-Selectable Solutions for Residential Applications

Color temperature sets the tone for any given space and is extremely important in residential applications where each room has a different purpose. Kitchens, for example, require bright, crisp light to prepare food, while warm light is better for bedrooms and living rooms.

HALO has long been an industry leader in recessed and surface downlights, and now, the brand offers a wide variety of solutions with field-selectable technology and other features that add convenience and value to your projects. A few of our favorites:

  • HALO ML4 Series. Did someone say, “no housing?” These innovative products feature five field-selectable color temperatures and a compact design that simplifies installation, even for ceiling types that typically make recessed lighting difficult. Ideal for downlight, wall wash, and accent/task distributions. Your customers will love these fixtures.  
  • HALO ML56 Series. This flexible recessed lighting is five color-selectable, with dim-to-warm technology and selectable lumens. With three products in one, you always have what you need in your truck. Can be used in remodel, retrofit, and new construction installations.
  • HALO HLBC Slim Recessed Canless Downlight. Ultra-thin regressed prismatic lens for superior glare control and easy installation virtually anywhere, no matter the plenum space. Plus, field selectability that empowers you to easily customize the color temperature right on the jobsite – no callbacks.
  • WiZ Pro Technology. HALO smart WiFi lighting is WiZ Pro-enabled. So, you can expect easy setup and control via the WiZ Pro app. Fixtures connect to your existing Wi-Fi, no hub required, for wireless lighting control at home, away, or with a smart speaker.

These are just a few of the field-selectable solutions you’ll find in the HALO portfolio, which also includes classic recessed and baffle trim styles, lumen-selectable options, fixtures with adjustable gimbals, and Title 20 certified lighting.

Field-Selectable Solutions for Commercial Applications

Lighting has a proven effect on workers’ productivity, mood, and wellbeing. In some commercial environments, like industrial, it plays a crucial role in safety. That’s why it’s critical to make sure that both the lumens and color temperature are conducive to the tasks at hand.

For field-adjustable solutions that offer superior quality and reliability in commercial spaces, look to the HALO Commercial and Metalux Ambient Commercial and Industrial portfolios. Let’s look at some of the market’s most versatile products.

  • HALO Commercial PR LED Downlight Series. Perfect for both new construction or retrofit projects, these commercial-grade downlights allow you to adjust both lumens and color temperature with the flip of a switch. What’s more, in some models, you can also change the light distribution in the lens to achieve the desired effect.
  • Metalux CGTS Selectable Panel. A durable, flexible design makes this selectable back-lit panel a contractor favorite. An ideal LED solution for replacing fluorescent fixtures. Great for shallow plenums, too.
  • Metalux UHBS Selectable High Bay. With selectable lumens and plug and play-ready sensor install, this workhorse solution is designed promote safety and productivity in industrial, commercial, retail, manufacturing, and multi-purpose spaces.
  • Metalux CZS Cruze Selectable Troffer. The latchless design and multiple lens options make this troffer a looker. And the easy-to-access toggle switch puts lumen and CCT field selectivity at the contractor’s fingertips, so you work smarter, not harder.
  • Metalux LHBS Lensed Selectable High Bay. Designed for various applications, this industrial luminaire features an easy, one-person installation. Lumen and CCT selectable, too.

Field-Selectable Solutions for Outdoor Applications

When you’re installing outdoor lighting by day, how can you be sure it’ll achieve the desired effect by night? To avoid costly rework, it’s best to choose outdoor LED products that offer flexibility and adjustability.

Enter Lumark and HALO Outdoor. These solutions are favorites among contractors, architects, and designers alike.

  • Lumark ASWP Adjustable Slim Wall Pack. This popular outdoor wall light with selectable lumens and color temperatures, is economical and versatile. Ideal for building adjacent walkways, building entrances, industrial facilities, storage facilities, schools, and loading docks.
  • HALO Smart Wi-Fi Floodlight connected by WiZ Pro. Includes WiZ Pro smart lighting control for a durable twin head design built for high performance. Includes a multitude of features but doesn’t require a hub.  Can be controlled wirelessly using the WiZ App.
  • Lumark LAS Area/Site Luminaire. Designed for precision and low maintenance, this lumen-adjustable area light is perfect for parking lots, walkways, building areas, and other outdoor settings.
  • Lumark LSF Selectable Flood Series. Provides a quick, reliable, adjustable solution, with on-site lumen and CCT selectability as well as multiple mounting options.

These are just a few of the field-selectable lighting products that are in stock and ready to make your next residential, commercial, or outdoor lighting project run smoother. Download Cooper Lighting’s Selectable Lighting Product Guide here or visit your nearest electrical supplier to learn more.