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Taking the Complexity Out of LED Industrial Lighting

June 28, 2019

These products make installation simple

As most electrical contractors are painfully aware, most customers are naive to the true costs of upgrading an industrial facility to LED lighting. Besides the upfront investment, there are labor costs that can compound when unforeseen obstacles arise during installation.

Contractors can get ahead of many potential issues (and avoid the dreaded call-backs sometimes required with lower-cost products) with industrial lighting options that are reliable, in-warranty, and designed for ease of installation. Not only can the right products help avoid common hang-ups -- they might just help earn more loyal customers, since high-quality LED solutions can help facilities improve safety and efficiency long after projects are complete.

Whatever the job calls for, the Metalux industrial portfolio offers products that make contractors’ lives easier. Here are a few of them.

A No-Fail LED Retrofit Solution

The VHB is an affordable, one-for-one HID or fluorescent replacement, with all the bells and whistles of more expensive fixtures. It’s highly efficient, easy to install, and in-stock at a variety of distributors, making this fixture the go-to for price-conscious or simple installations.

But don’t miss the chance to showcase your expertise (and make more money); upgrade your customers to the Steeler LED High Bay  fixture. Why? Offered in a lightweight, compact design, it contains everything you need to quickly retrofit your customers’ dated HID and linear fluorescent systems with energy-efficient LED, and features advanced control options for facility managers looking to maximize what lighting can do for their bottom-line.

It also comes equipped with many out-of-the-box features that help you tailor the lighting to the application, and help customers save money long after the project wraps up. Among them: occupant and daylight sensing, industry-leading optics with 3 light distribution options, and a 0-10V dimming driver.

Need even more? You can easily accessorize with deco kits, uplight modules, acrylic reflectors -- even the Wavelinx integrated sensor technology, which help you deliver a complete “smart” lighting solution.

Steeler’s superior performance and versatility make it a popular choice for gymnasiums (and other sports facilities), big box retail stores, workshops and more.

An Easy Solve for Restricted Applications

When space is tight, electrical contractors have to get a little creative. That’s where products like the SNLED series come in. Designed with a slim profile to easily fit into restricted architectural applications, it offers the benefits of industrial LED lighting with none of the bulk.

What’s unique about this product is that it can function as ambient, task, or accent lighting. So, whether your customer’s looking to light a small display area or needs general area lighting for a large commercial space, there are options and packages available to suit their needs.

If optical control is a primary concern, for example, contractors can choose from different lens types, 3 CCT settings, and 2 CRI packages. There are also 2 lumen packages available (standard and high-lumen), so it can be used in both high bay and low bay applications.

SNLED’s compact size and ability to withstand temperatures make it an excellent choice for grocery stores and server rooms, among countless other scenarios.

Your Go-To for One-to-One Replacement

Sometimes the job calls for a no-fuss solution; the customer wants to maintain the same light output they have currently, but with energy-saving LED technology. Products like the LHB LED High Bay -- considered the new standard in affordable and reliable high bay fixtures -- are an ideal solution.

This product delivers on the top 3 decision factors for many warehouse , light manufacturing , gymnasium, and big box/retail facilities: performance, versatility, and price. But what makes it different?

For one thing, the diffused lens (for glare-free performance) comes standard. Its DLC Premium listing means customers can take advantage of various energy rebates. Its features and versatility, at an affordable price point, allow customers to start seeing ROI even sooner.

In summary: easy-to-install LED industrial lighting options can help electrical contractors wrap-up jobs more efficiently, gain loyal customers, and grow their businesses. Find these and other easy-install solutions here.

To learn more about the latest LED industrial lighting trends and how to choose the best fit for your customers, contact an Cooper Lighting representative today.