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Maximize Lighting Control and Minimize Warehouse Costs

June 21, 2019

Learn how investing in warehouse LED lighting pays off in the long run

The warehouse is where it all happens: a bustling hub of activity where efficiency, productivity, and safety are essential. Lighting plays a significant role in making your warehouse or distribution center run smoothly. Let’s look at a few ways investing in warehouse lighting improvements such as industrial LED lighting pays off over time.

Industrial LED lighting boosts worker productivity

The temperature in a warehouse has a significant impact on productivity. Hot summer days can make cooling a warehouse taxing on energy systems, yet it’s crucial to keep workers cool inside. LED bulb emissions are up to 40 degrees cooler than conventional fluorescent bulb emissions, and consume up to 77% less energy as well, so they help warehouses save on energy and cooling costs.

LED warehouse lighting doesn’t just help maintain a more comfortable temperature for workers. It can improve concentration and productivity due to the high quality of the light it produces. A bright workplace with crisp colors lessens eyestrain and headaches, resulting in better concentration and higher productivity.

LED warehouse lighting Improves safety

Besides boosting productivity, the best warehouse lighting solutions increase worker safety and reduce workplace injuries by providing excellent visibility throughout the warehouse. Many warehouse accidents occur because of poor lighting; for example, drivers operating forklifts in dimly lit areas.

Warehouse lighting fixtures shouldn't just produce quality light; they should be installed throughout the warehouse, from the main floor to the small corners of back rooms. A lighting control system will ensure they are only on when needed to save energy costs.

Another safety benefit of LED warehouse lighting is its lower risk of being a fire hazard, compared to high intensity discharge lights, fluorescents, or other types of traditional lighting. In fact, traditional lights emit 90% of the electricity they draw as heat. By contrast, LEDs only emit 5% of electricity as heat and convert 95% into light.

Because LEDs pull less electricity and produce less heat, you’ll save energy costs, safeguard your warehouse against fire hazards, and keep workers cooler (which is key when strenuous activity is taking place.)

Saves Operating Costs

According to Georgia Power studies, lighting is the biggest energy expense for warehouses. Fortunately, LED systems can cut that cost by up to 80%.

Besides the dramatic energy savings, industrial LED lighting costs far less to maintain -- an estimated 60-87% less. Yet companies rarely upgrade their systems as part of a larger cost-reduction strategy, instead waiting until their traditional lighting systems break. Once they upgrade to LED lighting, most companies find that their upgrade pays for itself in two years, making LED is a wise investment for warehouses.

Besides the cost savings, increased worker productivity, and safer environment, investing in LED warehouse lighting solutions simply means you get to enjoy great quality lighting that allows you to run your operations more smoothly. And that alone is a great reason to choose LED technology.

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