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Case Study:

Spencer Middle School

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


The Spencer Middle School is located in Langford, just outside British Columbia’s capital, Victoria. A public school that serves grades six through eight, Spencer Middle School offers its 640-strong student body a host of academic, applied skills, and extra-curricular opportunities to help them learn, grow, and enjoy their middle school years.

lighting cost savings
Spencer Middle School Lighting


The school district felt the school’s interior lighting and décor was dated. And it was. The common area hadn’t been updated in close to 30 years, while the rest of the school lighting and décor hadn’t changed since the 1970s when the school was built.

 All agreed this wasn’t the best way to make students feel welcomed to school every day. The district wanted a fresh look for the interior of the Spencer Middle School.


Mac’s II designer Ryan Brown brought Cooper Lighting Solutions onto the project. He’d seen Cooper Lighting Solutions products in use at another school and knew they would be right for Spencer Middle School.

school lighting

The decision was made to go with Cooper Lighting Solutions Neo-Ray Define lighting fixtures and WaveLinx lighting controls.

The Neo-Ray Define series offers unmatched design flexibility, making it a favored choice for education spaces. It features a minimalist design and clean, uniform lines of illumination – a much more contemporary, much more welcoming look than the 1970s aesthetic it was replacing.

Cooper Lighting Solutions WaveLinx controls are intelligent, LED-based lighting systems that can help schools reduce energy and operating costs while ensuring a comfortable environment that supports learning.


The new lighting system was delivered on time and installed on budget. It was very well received by everyone: students, teachers, parents, the school district, and, of course, the budget committee.

Here are just some of the results of the new system:

Lower energy consumption and costs. By switching from fluorescent to LED lighting, the school can expect energy efficiency to improve by 60-70%.

Less wasted energy. Occupancy sensors turn off the lights automatically when no one is present in a space.

Less maintenance required. Because LED bulbs last anywhere from 6 to 12 years, they don’t have to be changed as often. The result is a considerable savings in labor hours.

Better lighting quality. Higher quality lighting is proven to promote learning, encourage student productivity, even improve academic performance.

Decentralized lighting control. Teachers are now able to control the lighting in their classrooms. They’re able to choose color temperatures (from cool to warm) to mimic the effects of circadian cycles to provide students with lighting that helps them better focus on their studies.

Improved student and teacher wellness. Better lighting provides the kind of class acoustics and non-glare lighting that make spaces more comfortable and less stressful.

Future-ready system. As the school’s student body increases or the school wants to add more functionality, they’ll find their system is scalable and easily reconfigured

Products Used

The project with Macs ll and Cooper Lighting Solutions went very smoothly, including the experience of choosing the perfect lighting for our unique spaces… The WaveLinx Pro dimming package is so user-friendly and easily accommodates the end user’s wants for their space.
Electrician, Sooke School District 62, British Columbia, Canada