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Case Study:

Roadway Lighting Retrofit of 3 Interchanges

Gardendale, Alabama


The Public Works Department of Gardendale, Alabama, has committed to a beautification program that emphasizes the meticulous maintenance of the city’s roadways and public spaces.

So, Gardendale reached out to its utility, Alabama Power, to see about replacing the lighting around three of the city’s interchanges on Interstate 65.

lighting cost savings


Gardendale’s existing roadway lights were high-pressure sodium HIDs, lamps that use sodium vapor to produce light. HIDs are old technology that simply don’t compare to today’s LEDs, especially when it comes to energy efficiency, maintenance, and light quality.

“Low maintenance is very important for roadway lighting,” says Josh Durr of SouthCon. “Gardendale’s old HIDs had a life of only about 24,000 hours before they needed changing… And changing fixtures on a roadway requires specialized equipment and considerable labor hours. The costs add up fast.”

Naturally, like any municipality, Gardendale is cost-conscious. In fact, the city also wanted to retain its existing infrastructure -- the existing light poles and arms, that is – and upgrade only the light fixtures.


Alabama Power proposed upgrading and installing Gardendale’s roadway fixtures and allowing Alabama Power to maintain them for the city via a maintenance contract. 

The choice for specific lighting was easy. The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) uses the same LED fixture: the high-performance Navion high mast LED fixture from the Cooper Lighting Solutions Streetworks family is ALDOT’s standard for roadway lighting.

As a result, Navion high mast LEDs are ubiquitous on Alabama’s highways, delivering benefits such as:

  • Unparalleled light uniformity with our patented AccuLED Optics™
  • Easy maintenance with toolless entry and a hinged, removable power door
  • Versatility – the Navion is interchangeable with many other high mast or roadway fixtures, making it ideal for retrofits
  • Durable construction and a 5-year warranty for peace of mind


Navion lighting delivered. The high mast lighting from the Cooper Lighting Solutions Streetworks brand served up all the benefits that made it ADOT’s statewide standard for roadway lighting.

  • Very Low Maintenance While Gardendale’s old HIDs need changing after about 24,000 hours of services, Navion LEDs don’t need changing until 100,000+ hours.
  • Energy Efficiency Navion LEDs produce better light for less wattage than Gardendale’s old, traditional bulbs. In this case, the Navion lighting uses about 20% less energy.
  • High-quality Light Our patented AccuLED Optics™ produce a uniform, even spread of light, with no hot spots and no odd yellowish cast (see Before photos).
  • Improved Safety The high-quality light produced by Navion increases visibility making Gardendale’s interchanges safer for drivers and maintenance crews alike.
  • Cost Savings Lower maintenance, better energy efficiency, and the ease with which Navion can replace most other lighting and work with existing infrastructure all add up to cost savings.
  • Difference You Can See Be sure to scroll down to look at the dramatic Before and After photos of this project.

For more information about Navion high mast lighting, please visit the Navion product page, Navion spec sheet, or talk to one of our Agents.

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roadway lighting
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