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  • Flexible and upgradeable to meet your facility's changing needs
  • Optional integrated RGBA color for color flooding, scenes and effects
  • Beam tuning optics control light to create wider and narrower beams
  • Color temperature tuning for different sports and events
  • Near Field Communication allows for easy commissioning on the job site
  • Solid state design means no moving parts - maintenance-free operation



The Lumadapt 8 LED luminaire, integral to the Lumadapt LED lighting system, delivers industry-first features and performance. Designed for sports and entertainment venues, Lumadapt 8 provides color temperature tuning, integrated RGBA color flooding, and beam tuning while capturing health and performance data which is stored securely in the data cloud. Turn on the features you need, as you need them, and as additional capabilities are offered to always keep your facility’s lighting on the cutting edge.


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