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LUMASPORT 8 PRISM Remote Power System

  • Custom source selection offers broadest range of color mixing.
  • Fully saturated color provides and unmatched visual fan experience.
  • Array of optic beams from narrow to wide creates an immersive atmosphere.
  • Glare and cutoff control via Hybrid Reflector and TIR Optical System
  • Reduces install time with pre-aimable single piece light head assembly.
  • Simple system components: Light Head, PAC Box, and Distribution Box
  • Industry leading light source reliability with Chip-On-Board LEDS
  • Controllable with both wired DMX and wireless AirMesh to suit your needs.
LUMASPORT 8 PRISM Remote Power System

LUMASPORT 8 PRISM Remote Power System


The Ephesus LUMASPORT 8 Prism Remote Power System is the ultimate fully tunable RGB LED sports lighting solution for new and retrofit installations. With industry-leading reliability and performance, it offers a streamlined turn-key system, lowest total cost of ownership, and customizable controls. Achieve precise light placement with our award-winning optical control system and enjoy the benefits of Chip-on-Board LEDs for unmatched system reliability. Experience fully saturated colors, immersive atmosphere, and reduced installation time with this game-changing LED sports lighting system.

PERFORMANCE - Multi-Layer Optical System

PERFORMANCE - Multi-Layer Optical System

Experience unmatched clarity with the LUMASPORT 8 PRISM'S multi-layer optical performance. Our patented Hybrid Reflector and TIR Optical System, an award-winning solution, delivers precise light control, minimizing glare and maximizing efficiency. Illuminate your sports venue with confidence.

Full Spectrum RGB Sports Lighting

Full Spectrum RGB Sports Lighting

With Ephesus LUMASPORT 8 Prism's RGB LED sports lighting system, game nights are more vibrant than ever. Our optimized color technology delivers a wide spectrum of rich, full hues, unlike competitors' washed-out effects. Experience brilliant, true colors that breathe life into your venue, and ignite team spirit through the industry-leading performance of our sports lighting.

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