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Yes, We Offer Narrow-band Amber LED Lighting

Loggerhead turtles aren’t the only ones glad to hear it.

December 6, 2023

You may have heard narrow-band amber LED lighting referred to as “turtle-safe” lighting. That’s because its characteristic amber-colored light reduces light pollution and its impact on wildlife, particularly turtles and nocturnal birds and insects that are sensitive to certain light spectrums.

In the case of loggerhead turtles, other types of lighting have been known to confuse newly hatched loggerhead turtles and cause them to travel away from the shore (to certain demise) instead of toward the shore where water and relative safety await them. Narrow-band amber LED lighting can help minimize the disruption to turtles’ and other wildlife creatures’ natural behavior.

Cooper Lighting Solutions customers have found our narrow-band amber LED lighting is an effective solution for other purposes as well.

Safety Lighting
Narrow-band amber LED lighting is often used in safety applications because it provides good visibility without compromising night vision. It’s especially useful in situations where brighter light might cause glare, such as construction zones or in traffic lights.

Security and Surveillance
In these applications, narrow-band amber LED lighting can be used for discreet illumination that allows security cameras to capture images without drawing attention – especially helpful when monitoring and recording of activities in low-light environments is required.

Industrial Applications
Some industrial settings use narrow-band amber LED lighting in situations where it’s necessary to minimize light interference with specific processes or to alert workers to hazardous conditions.

Emergency Vehicle Lighting
On emergency vehicles – such as tow trucks and construction vehicles – narrow-band amber LED lighting serves as a warning signal to enhance safety on the road while reducing the risk of blinding other drivers.

Narrow-band Amber LED Lighting from Cooper Lighting Solutions
Several of our outdoor luminaires offer narrow-band amber LEDs as standard, with features such as:

  • True narrow-band, monochromatic amber in 590nm, +/- nm, not phosphor-converted (PC) or red-orange LED
  • Offered in multiple optical distributions
  • Available for use with house side shield (HSS) option
  • Drive current optimized for maximum efficiency, output, and life