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MRI Facility Lighting

5 Reasons to Upgrade to LEDs

March 28, 2023

Lighting is about more than illumination, especially in an MRI room. Your lighting choices could impact energy consumption, maintenance costs, even image quality.

If your MRI facility is still using traditional incandescent lights or even more efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), it may be time for an upgrade to LED lighting.

1. LED bulbs do not cause noise artifacts in MRI images.

While CFLs are more efficient and environmentally friendly than incandescent lights, they can cause noise artifacts in an MRI image, lowering its resolution and quality as a diagnostic tool.

In addition, CFLs contain mercury, a highly toxic element.

2. LEDs lower maintenance costs.

LEDs have a long life. In fact, they last anywhere from 6 to 12 years before needing to be replaced, saving facilities labor hours and maintenance costs.

And LEDs are not made of glass, so they don’t shatter when dropped and leave no dangerous shards to contend with.

3. LEDs use less energy.

Upgrading to LED technology can help your MRI facility lower your carbon footprint. Pairing LEDs with smart lighting solutions improves energy efficiency even more.

4. Cutting energy consumption cuts energy costs as well.

How much could your MRI facility save in energy and maintenance costs with an upgrade? A Cooper Lighting Solutions representative can help you assess the savings involved with an upgrade to MRI lighting products.

5. MRI lighting products are specifically engineered for use in the MRI imaging suite.

MRI lighting solutions use LED technology to maximize energy savings and avoid noise artifacts.

For example, our Fail-Safe MRI lighting products contain no onboard electronics – a remote driver provides power from outside the shielded MRI room so it won’t interfere with MRI imaging.

In addition, Fail-Safe MRI lighting fixtures feature non-ferrous construction, absence of UV, and no RF emissions that could impede MRI operation.

And Fail-Safe MRI products are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the requirements of the MRI industry.

For more detailed information about Fail-Safe MRI lighting from Cooper Lighting Solutions and what it could mean for your facility, please visit our product offering here or contact a Cooper Lighting Solutions representative.