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How to Limit the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Long-Term Care Facilities.

May 20, 2022

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that limiting the spread of infectious diseases is a challenge – especially in senior living and other long-term care facilities where patients, residents, and staff come into contact with each other and visitors. The challenges are compounded by the vulnerability of the residents.

Trellix from Cooper Lighting Solutions is an all-in-one lighting platform with value-added features that allow for data-gathering through integration from our business partner ZulaFly. Trellix is designed to help healthcare facilities use data to limit the spread of infectious diseases – and so much more.

Traditional cleaning processes and hand monitoring strategies aren’t enough.

Healthy individuals with strong immune systems can fight off most germs. Older people aren’t so lucky. As residents age, or if their health is already compromised, they become more vulnerable not just to COVID-19, but to all kinds of infections – viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, etc.

Trellix with ZulaFly provides technology solutions that allow staff to quickly minimize the spread of infections with strict contact tracing and control practices.

Thanks to a built-in real-time location application, Trellix Locate and ZulaFly software work in tandem to provide timely access to a contact history report that shows you any tagged person or asset that’s come in contact with the infected person. The report will even tell you how long they were in contact.

There’s no guesswork. This is quality data you can count on to inform your rapid clinical response to an outbreak.

During an outbreak, the insights made possible by Trellix with ZulaFly will allow you to proceed with confidence. In addition to knowing who may have been exposed to an infection, you’ll know which assets they’ve been in contact with so you can arrange for extra sanitizing. And there’ll be no time wasted searching for those assets. Your Trellix Locate real-time location system will show you precisely and in real time where in your facility those assets are located, even if they’ve been moved.

You get help with social distancing, too.

Trellix combines sensors and ZulaFly alerts to let you know when too many people are gathered in any one location, helping you to maintain social distancing and a safer environment for residents, staff, and visitors.

Trellix and ZulaFly offer full protection, so you can stop the spread of infectious disease in its tracks.

Even “just” the flu is dangerous for the compromised residents at your long-term care facility. Protect your residents and staff with Trellix and ZulaFly, a data-driven approach that allows you to respond rapidly to limit the spread of infectious diseases.

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