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5 Ways Human-centric Design is Improving Wellbeing in Commercial Buildings.

Labor costs can reach an estimated 70% of total business costs. For smart building stakeholders and city leaders, there’s growing awareness of the importance of employee wellbeing – and the role lighting solutions can play in
optimizing employee wellbeing.

human-centric lighting solutions

1. Wellbeing investments result in happier, healthier employees.

• Improved indoor air quality (IAQ).

• Better health with less absenteeism and presenteeism (defined as people who are not fully functioning at work because of illness).

• Higher levels of employee empowerment, job satisfaction,
and productivity.

human-centric lighting solutions

2. Improved employee wellbeing cuts business costs.

Today’s lighting is proven to help employees.

• Productivity lost due to absenteeism is estimated to cost over $80 billion.

• A study in Forbes suggests that presenteeism costs the US economy more than $150 billion per year.

human-centric lighting solutions

3. Unchecked, an unhealthy building harms employees.

• Exposure to indoor air pollution can lead to respiratory damage and pulmonary impairment.

• Building materials with chemical toxicants can harm respiratory, endocrine, and neurological systems.

• Insufficient or improper lighting can cause discomfort, diminished job performance, and lower job satisfaction.

• Poor ventilation leads to short-term illness (coughing, sneezing, fatigue) and serious health problems (lung cancer, asthma, allergies).

human-centric lighting solutions

4. Today’s lighting solutions are proven to increase employee wellbeing.

• Improve productivity
• Reduce fatigue
• Better respond to shift changes
• Improve mood
• Lower the rate of depression
• Increase cognitive performance

human-centric lighting solutions

5. A connected lighting system can monitor and control indoor conditions that affect employee wellbeing.

An innovative lighting system can deliver the empowered office and human-centric approach that helps optimize employee wellbeing. Advanced lighting technology from Cooper Lighting Solutions includes:

• IoT
• Tuneable LEDs
• Sensor platforms
• Advanced wireless networks

BioUp melanopic technology introduces a new generation in lighting benefits.