Area & Site Lighting

An optimum combination of performance, aesthetics, energy efficiency and light control

Set the standard.

Area and site lighting, executed properly, delivers uniformity and peace of mind for occupants of any large outdoor space. From parking lots and downtown areas to neighborhood walkways, our high performance, precision lighting creates outdoor experiences by enhancing safety and security, while drastically reducing power and maintenance costs.

Featured Solutions

Prevail Discrete

Prevail Discrete

The Prevail Discrete area and site luminaire combines optical uniformity, energy efficiency and long-term reliability in an advanced, patent pending modern design.
Galleon LED

Galleon LED

The Galleon™ LED luminaire delivers exceptional performance in a highly scalable, low-profile design.
Galleon LED application
Garage and canopy applications


The Navion LED roadway luminaire combines world class optical performance, energy efficiency and outstanding versatility to meet the requirements of any roadway application.

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Outdoor Lighting Product Selection Guide

Product Selection Guide

Use this quick reference tool to easily compare all of our outdoor lighting products and solutions.

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