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WaveLinx Lite

Simple. Secure. Scalable.

WaveLinx Lite – Your out-of-the-box functionality smart digital lighting system that help you save energy and manage your site lighting designed for applications that require occupancy-based, daylighting, or manual control. A secure downloadable mobile application provides the ability to customize installations with a secure downloadable mobile application targeted at office, education, and parking garage applications.


Energy Savings


By offering out-of-the-box code-compliant luminaires and by empowering the installer to adjust the settings using a mobile app and Bluetooth, WaveLinx Lite reduces project commissioning time by 40% versus a system with stand-alone sensors.

Faster Commissioning


Our secure portal allows installers to easily manage their WaveLinx Lite projects and also securely transfer the ownership of a system to the customer once the project has completed.

Real-Time Data


Unlock the value of your connected system by upgrading your WaveLinx Lite system to WaveLinx with connectivity to Trellix Smart IoT Platform.


WaveLinx Lite Testimonial

New WaveLinx Lite Case Study!

Learn from one of our customers, The Lovett School, why our WaveLinx Lite solution, simple to install and program, made it their favorite solution!

The abilities of this system without the need to add additional wiring is a game changer.”
    -Chris Haddox, Facilities Management Electrician

The grouping feature allows us to adjust lights that directly impact neighboring homes while still maintaining ideal light levels throughout the structure to maintain safety.
    -Brian Holtzapfel Director of Plant Operations

WaveLinx Lite Compatible Luminaires

Get Creative with More Lighting Options

Mix and match your favorite lighting fixtures to create uniquely lit spaces while having the benefit of WaveLinx Lite controls.

WaveLinx Lite Sensor and Wallstation

Do More with WaveLinx Lite Sensors and Wallstations

The WaveLinx Lite integrated sensor, tilemount sensor Kit, and wall station for Indoor Ambient applications are simple yet powerful and scalable. The sensors provide immediate out-of-the-box operation and the wallstation is a multi-scene, single area dimming wallstation.

WaveLinx Lite Instructional Video

App Configuration Video Playlist

Learn how to securely create, set up, and maintain lighting controls projects from the WaveLinx Lite app.


WaveLinx Lite Mobile App


WaveLinx Lite solves traditional standalone problems all from a mobile app

Create groups without additional hardware (gateways, servers, etc.) or IT support required for site set-up.

WaveLinx Lite Cloud Portal


Connected to a secure cloud portal access

Saves site configuration data, access permissions to secure cloud and transfer of ownership and access through the portal.

WaveLinx Lite Scalability


to later grow from a standalone device or system to an Enterprise system

WaveLinx Lite devices may become part of the WaveLinx Wireless System with connectivity to Trellix without replacement.

Explore WaveLinx Lite Products

Flexible installation...Simplified

Blends the simplicity of a standalone installation with the usability of a controlled system for an easily configured space with an exceptional occupant experience.


Ideal for these spaces:

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