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Wireless Solution for Single Spaces

WaveLinx LITE

Simple. Secure. Scalable.

WaveLinx LITE is your out-of-the-box functionality app based smart digital lighting system that helps you save energy and manage your site lighting designed for applications that require occupancy-based, daylighting, or manual light control. A secure mobile application provides the ability to customize installations for your office, education, warehouse, and parking garage applications.

Wireless Solution for Single Spaces

Simply connect the wireless devices, such as enabled luminaires or use the WaveLinx LITE app to customize your space and accessories, including wallstations and switchpacks. LITE devices can be grouped without additional hardware (gateways, servers, etc.) or IT support required for light control site set-up. WaveLinx LITE reduces installation time and is scalable from one single space to large campus-scale projects.

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WaveLinx Lite Mobile App

Simple to Install and Manage

WaveLinx LITE solves traditional standalone problems all from a mobile app. Create groups without additional hardware (gateways, servers, etc.) or IT support required for light control site set-up.

WaveLinx Lite Cloud Portal


WaveLinx Lite seamlessly integrates with a secure cloud portal, ensuring the preservation of site configuration data, secure cloud access permissions, and streamlined transfer of ownership and access—all managed effortlessly through the portal.  


WaveLinx Lite Scalability


Scalability makes WaveLinx the ideal commercial lighting solution for small to large indoor and outdoor applications. All devices communicate together to form a Bluetooth mesh network without servers or hubs. Add to existing without providing additional network components thanks to the system formed mesh network.

Flexible installation...Simplified

Blends the simplicity of a standalone installation with the usability of a controlled system for an easily configured space with an exceptional occupant experience.

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