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WaveLinx CAT


The cat is out of the bag! We've added to the WaveLinx Family, with the most significant expansion of the WaveLinx system over recent years. We've added WaveLinx CAT devices, a category 5e cable-based digital wired lighting devices, scalable from one space to the entire building. WaveLinx can now be offered as a wired and wireless hybrid system, with both WaveLinx PRO and WaveLinx CAT devices connecting to the WaveLinx Area Controller.


WaveLinx CAT devices are powered by Cooper Lighting Solution's advanced WaveLinx technology to provide unparalleled control, flexibility, and scalability. Gone are the days of relying on PC-based software applications to customize your spaces. You can now customize your spaces using our favorite WaveLinx mobile app. 

You can need to combine WaveLinx PRO and CAT devices. No problem! When connected to the WaveLinx Area Controller, the devices work together to control the lights and receptacles within the spaces. 

Wired Solution for Single Room

Simply connect the wired devices using category CAT5 cables. The devices automatically discover each other and self-commission themselves into a single room with one zone. WaveLinx reduces installation time with its simple click-and-go, auto-discovery, and self-commissioning features.

Wired and Wireless Solution for Connected and Hybrid Spaces

For larger-scale projects for which wired and wireless need to come together as a hybrid system, the solution is to connect WaveLinx PRO and WaveLinx CAT to the WaveLinx Area Controller.

WaveLinx Area Controllers communicate with wireless devices using PRO protocols over 802.15.4 radio and wired devices via a WaveLinx Area Hub. WaveLinx Area Controller allows you to scale to multiple rooms on an entire floor. WaveLinx CAT devices connect via CAT5 cable or WaveLinx PRO devices via 802.15.4 radio.


simple design

Simple to Design

Designing with WaveLinx CAT devices is easy. You just need to lay out the control devices within each space and connect them using industry standard CAT5 cables. Add the WaveLinx Area Hub and WaveLinx Area Controller to join the rooms/spaces when required and for very large open spaces.  

simple design

Simple to Install

All CAT devices feature two RJ45 connections that are used to provide power to the devices and to control them. Each set of daisy-chained devices forms a single room and can be controlled by the wallstations that chain. Zoning, keypad button programming and sensor settings can be changed quickly via the WaveLinx apps and Bluetooth Programming Interface. 

scalable controls


Scalability makes WaveLinx the ideal commercial lighting solution for small to large indoor and outdoor applications. Use CAT devices to control the lights of each room, and then use WaveLinx Area Hubs and WaveLinx Area Controllers to connect your spaces and take advantage of WaveLinx Area Controller's advanced features. 

lighting controls


Need a supervisory management system for the facility management team? Add WaveLinx CORE. It provides floor-level management of your spaces and historizes the data gathered by the system's devices to provide insights about energy usage and space utilization. 

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Thanks for stopping by our booth to learn more about WaveLinx CAT, our new wired distributed lighting control solution, as well as the latest innovations from our contractor-favorite brands, HALO and Metalux.

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The CAT is coming to New York, and in a big way! On November 14, we will launch WaveLinx CAT and broadcast it live! Come see us “Live” or come back here to get the live webinar link.

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