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CAT Occupancy Ceiling Sensor

  • Passive Infrared sending technology to detect motion up to 12 ft mounting height
  • 600 and 1200 sqft coverage with high sensitivity core
  • Built-in photocell to dim or turn off the lights based on daylight coming into the space
  • LED Status Indicator for simple troubleshooting
  • Draws power from CAT communications bus to simplify wiring
  • Adjustable settings (e.g. occupancy time delays, photocell set-points) via WaveLinx software apps
  • Remotely upgradeable firmware
CAT Occupancy Ceiling Sensor

CAT Occupancy Ceiling Sensor


The WaveLinx CAT Occupancy Ceiling Sensor is a digital ceiling mount device with passive infrared and photocell sensing technology. The sensor is available with two lens options. The OCS-C-P06 model has a lens that offers 600 sqft coverage when mounted between 8 to 12 ft, while the OCS-C-P12 offers 1200 sqft coverage. The CAT occupancy ceiling sensor is the market's thinnest commercial occupancy ceiling sensor, with 0.6"" of visible height once mounted in finished ceilings (e.g., ceiling tiles, sheetrock, plaster). It is ideal for spaces where designers are looking at reducing ceiling acne. The passive infrared sensor detects the heat from people moving within the area to determine when the space is occupied. The photocell sensor detects the daylight level coming into the room from the windows/skylights to determine when the fixtures near the windows should be dimmed. The CAT Occupancy Ceiling Sensor is equipped with two RJ 45 connectors to connect the unit to CAT communication bus and other CAT devices over standard CAT5 cables. The device is also powered by the CT communication bus.

Wired for Single Spaces

Wired for Single Spaces

Simply connect the WaveLinx CAT5e-based lighting control devices together to control the lights in a single room or area.

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