Trellix Locate

Real-Time Location System

Real-time facility data at your fingertips

Use real-time location data to reduce search time for critical assets and optimize your business work flows.
Trellix Locate is a real-time location solution which combines Trellix Locate Bluetooth® powered tags, WaveLinx state-of-the art sensors, WaveLinx Wireless network, Trellix Locate indoor positioning services, Trellix Locate application to create the most powerful and cost-effective real-time location solution in the market. 

State-of-the-Art Digital Sensors

  • Advanced IoT sensor with real-time energy, motion, daylight and location data
  • Dense sensor network, leveraging the lighting infrastructure to gather granular and reliable data to feed IoT solutions

Breakthrough Wireless Network

  • Always powered within the lighting fixture to provide reliability and less maintenance
  • Can manage thousands of devices
  • Requires minimal bandwidth
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24/7 Data

  • Real-time data collection
  • Compression for data backhaul
  • On-premise data computing




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Unparalleled Security

  • UL2900-1 listed to the Standard for Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products
  • Multi-tiered security for ultimate peace of mind


Your Digital Transformation Starts Here

A real-time location system hosted on the Trellix IoT platform, Trellix Locate uses advanced WaveLinx
sensors with embedded Bluetooth low energy technology to monitor people, assets, and environments.

Connect. Process. Exchange.

A real-time location system hosted on the Trellix IoT platform, Trellix Locate uses advanced WaveLinx sensors with embedded Bluetooth low energy technology to monitor people, assets, and environments.

Monitor, Track and Manage with Visual Insights

Offering comprehensive floorplan and tabular views with rich filtering and searching capabilities, the Trellix Locate application allows users to easily locate assets and people (and view their status) in real time.
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Asset Management

A flexible interface allows users to easily manage assets by associating BLE tags to them, giving management the flexibility to use Trellix Locate for numerous applications.

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Users can create geofences within their virtual floorplan, setting location-based business rules and triggering notifications when these conditions are met.

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Get instant notifications when something needs your attention—like an asset exiting or a fridge exceeding the upper-temperature limit—based on business rules you create. You can quickly see where the situation is located within your floorplan and respond immediately.

Featured Trellix Locate Solutions

Trellix on-premise smart space IoT platform

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Education Solutions

Where children’s safety is concerned, high facility visibility is critical. Trellix Locate offers peace of mind to school educators, staff and parents by capturing real-time data and alerting instantaneously when a threat presents.
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Healthcare Solutions

From eliminating time-consuming tasks like equipment tracking to sending real-time alerts based on patients’ movement, there are countless ways to improve safety, patient experience, and outcomes with RTLS data and Trellix Locate.
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Commercial Building Solutions

Improving occupant experience and reducing operational costs may seem like competing goals, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With more robust facility data, you can achieve both.

All Trellix Products

From small and medium-sized buildings to enterprise solutions, Trellix offers a range of products and packages to suit your needs.

There’s no building infrastructure that’s better positioned to collect valuable data than your lighting system.

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Staff, Student & Patient Safety

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Unparalleled Security

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Optimize Operations, Workflow & Processes

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Asset Management and Utilization

Trellix on-premise smart space IoT platform
Workspace Environment Optimization

Environmental & Compliance Monitoring


Visitor Location Awareness


Infection Prevention


Staff Duress

Data is Knowledge. Knowledge is Power.

Trellix Locate for People:
  • Enhance safety and security by ensuring that people are within safe/authorized spaces
  • Enforce process compliance
  • Optimize staff workflow and workplace ergonomics
  • Improve patient and customer experiences
Trellix Locate for Assets:
  • Manage assets to reduce unnecessary purchases or rentals
  • Monitor equipment health to ensure it’s properly maintained
  • Eliminate inefficiencies associated with searching for equipment
Trellix Locate for Environments:
  • Perform real-time temperature monitoring
  • Allow occupants to personalize lighting, temperature and more



Featured Trellix Partners

Our partner program enables developers and system integrators to leverage the data gathered by the Trellix platform to create brilliant customer experiences. Using APIs, systems can collect valuable data from the Trellix platform–such as spatial organization, space usage, asset information, and asset location– to deliver fully-integrated solution.

Vizzia Real-Time Healthcare Visibility

VIZZIA’s mission is to help healthcare owners improve operational efficiency and excellence through our sensible use of technology and process improvement expertise.


ZulaFly offers solutions that provide efficient delivery of relevant location based information that boosts your bottom line. Zulafly gives you the ability to view all activity inside and outside your facility. From the map views you can see where your assets and people are located and also any notifications that are active. The search functionality allows you to discover items’ current locations and status from whatever dashboard you’re on.

Connected Systems compatible with Trellix

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