Trellix Exchange

Secure data exchange

A set of standard and open interfaces allowing developers and system integrators to leverage the data gathered by the Trellix platform to create brilliant customer experiences. 
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The most comprehensive digital lighting control system on the market

Using APIs, BACnet objects and OpenADR methods, systems can get valuable data from the Trellix platform such as spatial organization, energy usage, light level, space usage, asset information, asset location and more.

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BACnet/IP Interface

Trellix BACnet Interface enables the integration between the Wavelinx systems with any BACnet compatible Building Automation System (BAS).

Public REST APIs

Trellix Public API provides a secure programming interface that enables third party IoT platforms to take control of WaveLinx’s connected devices and incorporate them into desired customer experiences.


Trellix OpenADR interface allows WaveLinx users to take advantage of the incentives offered by utility companies by participating to on-going Demand Response (DR) programs. The Trellix OpenADR interface is able to automatically retrieve live power de

Our Markets and Applications

Trellix Exchange is an ideal solution for both small to large indoor commercial project needs where customers want to take advantage of the data gathered from their spaces. It is perfect for large commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, colleges/universities, industrial buildings and large indoor governmental/public spaces.

Ideal for these spaces:

Control Systems compatible with Trellix

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