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Shaper Sense Drum Index Dimensional

  • Partnership with industry leading acoustic materials company FilzFelt.
  • 8 hand crafted 3D textures and 96 100% Wool Design Felt edge borders
  • NRC Values of: 0.9 SAA values of 0.96
  • 3000K, 3500K, 4000K @ 80 CRI and 90 CRI
  • Lumen range between 3000 to 8200+ lumens and 3 Light Levels
  • Edge-lit LED technology appearing as a transparent window when off
  • 3-6mm Acoustic Felt + 25mm of recycled substrate, 38-41mm (1.5"-1.6")
  • Acoustic materials can be cleaned with disinfectants and steam
  • Assembly of products is curved flat pack design
  • WaveLinx and Trellix controls systems and platofrms compatible
Shaper Sense Drum Index Dimensional

Shaper Sense Drum Index Dimensional


Shaper Sense is an award winning, industry leading integrated acoustic and lighting product line, that also includes wireless controls options. Lighting is created using an LED edge-lit panel that produces uniform visual distributions. The addition of sound absorbing acoustic panels are designed with industry leading FilzFelt acoustic materials. This provides dual purpose from one point of installation and application. In conjunction, Shaper Sense uses Cooper Lighting's award winning Wavelinx and Trellix platforms. The Shaper Sense patented product series is a new system architecture that allows natural light to pass through creating a transparent window effect in this large scale product. The Shaper Sense Drum Index Dimensional has acoustic panels that are 38-41mm (1.5-1.6") thick, and available in 96 vibrant and beautiful colors of 100% Wool Design Felt. In addition, the sound absorbing recycled substrate is made of minimum 60% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Reverberation is significantly reduced due to material construction and performance. The Shaper Sense Drum Index Dimensional has 8 color patterns with 60+ border edge felt color options providing maximum design flexibility.

The FilzFelt Difference

Shaper Sense has partnered with FilzFelt to create innovative, stunning products. FilzFelt is an industry leading natural textile and acoustic products company that provides industry leading material performance. The color palette offering 96 100% Wool Design Felt colors that make over 17 Million unique sku combinations.

Create Your Fixture
Shaper Sense: Data for Perception

Shaper Sense: Data for Perception

Shaper Sense is an ensemble of products that coalesce the physical senses of sight, sound, and touch to produce outputs of illuminance, sound absorption, and texture with controls, from one platform. This series of lighting products integrates lighting and acoustic sound absorption materials together to provide high aesthetic appeal, visual performance, and quality acoustic sound absorption.

Industry-Leading and Award Winning

Industry-Leading and Award Winning

In addition, Shaper Sense has won and been recognized across industries like interior design, architecture, illuminating engineering, and other product innovation awards for being a versatile product that is not only one of the top in the industry in terms of lighting and acoustic performance, but visually and aesthetically appealing as well.


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