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  • Simplified wiring for both power and DALI control
  • UL-Listed under Standard 183 for make or break under load
  • Acts as a starter for both power and control into MWS
  • Cable end supplied with 1/2" connector and lock nut
  • 6" pre-stripped leads for power and control



MWS, Modular Wiring Systems, provides low cost installation of circuit wiring for lighting and power. Using modular components that plug together, MWS can be installed in a fraction of the time of hardwiring. Plus, MWS offers the advantage of relocating fixtures and outlets for future renovations. The MWS Starter Fitting with DALI Control (ST-5LT) is the starting point for bringing the power and control system together. Converts conventional wiring and merges control wiring into MWS. Branch circuits are fed from the panel to a junction box with conduit and wire, while control circuits are run as Class 1 to meet local codes. The MWS Starter is mounted to the junction box with a ½” threaded lock nut connector. Power and control wires are then connected to the appropriate leads of the Starter


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