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OSW-U-0721-MV Ultrasonic 120/277V

  • 120 and 277 V in the same unit
  • No minimum load requirement
  • Air-gap switch ensures no leakage current to load
  • Complete no gap coverage
  • Compatible with magnetic and electronic ballasts
  • NEMA WD7 Guide robotic method utilized to verify coverage patterns
OSW-U-0721-MV Ultrasonic 120/277V

OSW-U-0721-MV Ultrasonic 120/277V


The OSW-U-0721-MV is a self contained, energy saving, motion-sensing lighting control which replaces a conventional wall switch and utilizes ultrasonic technology to detect room motion. The sensor produces a low-intensity, inaudible sound to detect occupancy in a room. Changes in the sensor’s acoustic wave caused by motion, such as walking into a room, reaching for a telephone or swiveling in a chair, will cause the lights to turn ON. The sensor does not respond to audible sound. Wall switches are ideal for smaller spaces where you will not have obstructions of line-of-sight due to switch location, room orientation or furniture placement.


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