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ONW/VNW-D-1001-RR7 - Dual Tech RR7 Compatible

  • Selectable built-in light level sensor
  • NEMA WD7 Standard robotic method utilized to verify coverage patterns
  • Tracking/HVAC mode
ONW/VNW-D-1001-RR7 - Dual Tech RR7 Compatible

ONW/VNW-D-1001-RR7 - Dual Tech RR7 Compatible


The ONW-D Dual Technology RR7 Compatible Occupancy Sensing Wall Switch is a motion sensing lighting control that is used or energy savings and convenience. This low voltage unit interfaces directly with GE RR7 Relay Systems. The ONW-D-1001-RR7 combines Ultrasonic and Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor technologies to monitor a room for occupancy to deliver maximum energy savings and ensure the greatest sensitivity and coverage for tough applications without the threat of false triggers. The sensor includes self-adaptive technology that continuously self-adjusts sensitivity and time delay in real-time, maximizing the potential energy savings that are available in the particular application. The EcoMeter provides a visual indicator of energy usage, increasing end user awareness and reminding individuals to take control of their lighting to maximize energy savings.


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