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ISHH-01 / ISHH-02 - Stand Alone Integrated Sensor Remotes

  • Easily change the light level of each fixture equipped with SVPD series integrated sensors (on/off, raise/lower and preset light levels) using the IR Remote (ISHH-01 and ISHH-02)
  • Easily change the default occupied/un-Occupied light level and Energy Saver Scenes (ISHH-01 only)
  • Lighting controls without commissioning
  • Low installed cost
  • Worry free controls planning
  • Flexibility and individual control
  • Optional remote control
ISHH-01 / ISHH-02 - Stand Alone Integrated Sensor Remotes

ISHH-01 / ISHH-02 - Stand Alone Integrated Sensor Remotes


The Integrated Sensor programming remotes (ISHH-01 and ISHH-01) are handheld tools to adjust the light level of fixtures controlled by Cooper Lighting’s SVPD-series integrated sensors. The SVPD integrated sensors are standalone integrated sensors, i.e. each luminaire operates independently. The ISHH-01 allows users to turn adjust the light level of a fixture (on/off, raise and dim and preset light levels). It also allows the programmability of occupied and un-occupied scenes as well as the Energy Saver scene. The ISHH-02 only allows the user to control the luminaire light level only, i.e. turning the lights on/off, dim or raise the light level or set the light to one of the preset light levels.


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