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Discontinued on Jan 19, 2024


GTR Germicidal UV Troffer, Recessed

  • Surface disinfection fixture available with UL 8802 controls package
  • Available in 2' x 4' with 4 and 6-source options
  • Compatible with standard grid ceilings
  • Optional drywall kit and surface mount boxes
  • Optional door with wireguard
GTR Germicidal UV Troffer, Recessed

GTR Germicidal UV Troffer, Recessed

Disinfect. Safe. Secure

Fail-Safe UV-C Disinfecting Solutions fixtures use ultraviolet radiant energy to inactivate bacteria, mold spores, fungi or viruses. Several surface disinfection fixtures (high bays, striplights, troffers, undercabinet lights, and louvers) are available. Cooper Lighting Solutions has introduced the first and only UL8802 Safety Certified solution for UV-C applications. Learn about UV-C and share what UV-C-enabled solutions from Cooper Lighting Solutions are available to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses empowering health and safety around the world.

Light ARchitect Augmented Reality App

Light ARchitect Augmented Reality App

We’ve taken the guesswork out of lighting design with Light ARchitect, an augmented reality mobile app, that lets you instantly visualize light fixtures in your space. Use the UV-C Estimator tool when selecting surface disinfection UV-C fixtures to calculate the time needed to disinfect the space at 99.99% effectiveness. Light ARchitect is free and available for iOS and Android devices and through your computer via web browsers at

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